Our guide to funding our full-time courses.

Digital Start Fund and Digital Development Loan funding for Scotland

We know that financing one of our courses may be challenging, and we have a few new options available for those where funding is holding them back from applying. Simply put, we want to make our funding options accessible and easy to understand.

Digital Start Fund

The Digital Start fund was made to help people on lower incomes gain skills in coding. We are working in partnership with Skills Development Scotland and DWP to offer this. The fund awards from £1,000 to £8,000 in grants to help cover the costs of training, and can also help cover travel and childcare costs if needed. The fund will open for applications from Friday 31 May 2019, and will close at the end of March 2020 (funds permitting).

Available for: Full-Stack Web Development and Professional Software Development courses.

Find out more: https://www.digitalworld.net/careers/digital-start-fund

Apply for this option or discuss eligibility: Please email [email protected]


EdAid is a deferred payment plan designed for those who have exhausted all other funding options, who do not have savings and cannot access grants or loans. There is an initial payment and then the rest is paid in monthly instalments after graduation. The EdAid plan is for limited spaces and select cohorts.

Available for: Select Full-Stack Web Development and Professional Software Development courses.

Apply for this Funding option: https://codeclan.com/courses/edaid-apply/


CourseBud is a market place for commercial loans to help spread the cost of your career change over time. We recommend that you apply for the course first to get the date you want, then apply for the loan.

Taking on a loan is a big commitment, like any loan it must be repaid under the terms of the lending provider, even if you are not in work or don’t complete the course.  We strongly encourage you to fully assess your financial situation and to read the full terms and conditions before taking out a loan.

Available for: all of our full-time courses

Find out more: https://www.coursebud.com/

Getting your employer to help.

We see many students take our immersive training courses in order to transition internally into a different role or to accelerate their career, and to do so they ask their employer to support them and fund them through the course. More sponsorship information can be found through our website here.

Benefits for your employer potentially include not having to spend time finding, hiring, and training someone completely new- making upskilling existing staff through our course potentially quicker and cheaper. More information on being a CodeClan partner can be found here. 

Companies can also get a loan to cover the cost of retraining, through the Digital Development Loan.

Companies such as Arnold Clark, Simul8, Scottish Widows, SEEMIS along with others have sponsored many employees onto our Professional Software Development course.

More to come.

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