Piotr from Money Dashboard

Meet our partners: Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is a member of CodeClan’s 130+ employer partner community, working with us to hire students from our 16-week software development course.

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Money Dashboard is an online financial management tool that helps individuals manage their money better. Traditionally we would go with a recruitment agency and pick the candidates we want to interview. You end up searching for a long time.

My first interaction with CodeClan was to meet the recruits without looking for one.

The choice at the end of the courses is a lot easier because you know those people are already passionate about IT. They get people coding right away, they get them excited about it and I think that excitement carries over to their job.

If you see their passion and drive for programming and the projects their doing, you’ll want to hire someone, not just one person but all the people there actually like programming and are enthusiastic about it.

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