Reflections on Careers with CodeClan, Week 45

Image of Sean Johnson, CodeClan Remote Software Instructor

Each year at CodeClan we meet students who are looking to make a change in their career but don’t know where to start. With the rapid rate at which technology advances, there is a need for new talent to enter the tech industry. This week, we reflect on one of our very own career changers Sean Johnson who works as Remote Software Instructor at CodeClan, teaching and helping others to code and further their career.

Sean’s journey to becoming an instructor started when he was an accountancy graduate who enjoyed a rewarding career in retail management. He decided to change his career path and enrolled on CodeClan’s web development course which he completed in 2022 before becoming a Remote Software Instructor.

Sean says: “The journey of any career changer can be daunting, invigorating and sometimes terrifying. Before I started CodeClan I believed I knew the scope of my skills learned in Uni and in my previous career. My entire experience at CodeClan challenged me to rediscover my passion for creative problem solving, thinking through complex and technical problems in a creative way while working collaboratively with a fantastic group of people.”

The course gave him an opportunity to learn web development skills where he also discovered his passion for teaching others. Sean added: “The tech community is crying out for engaged and courageous career changers to apply their existing skills and passion for problem-solving to contribute to creating solutions which make the world a better place for people.” After his experience studying with CodeClan, Sean is passionate about inspiring other career-changers to take the same incredible journey and find their dream job.

He believes that there are many people out there who want to make a career change but don’t know how or where to start. Sean is a perfect example of someone who has made this switch and he’s happy to share his experience with others. He wants all potential coders to know that it’s never too late or too early in life and they can learn new skills no matter what their background is.

If you are looking for a change of career into tech and software development, or simply want to know more about how we teach here at CodeClan, make sure to check out our full range of Software Courses to help you on your journey towards a successful career.


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