Retraining in Digital Tech

Flickr/Steven Straiton

Coding – It’s a craft too!

Here at CodeClan we are all about taking bright, capable people who are natural problem solvers and retraining them in the craft of coding. There are lots of jobs (11,000 vacancies a year in the digital sector) but at the moment there are less than half that number coming out through colleges and uni. That means that employers are desperate for these skills. They particularly like people with life and work experience. Starting salaries for junior developers are ~£22-£28k, and if you are good there are lots of opportunities for rapid salary advancement.

The average CodeClan trainee is aged 30. Just over half have a degree and the same proportion are ‘hobbyists’ either writing code at home or having a job that involved them doing so, but without any formal training. So a qualification and some experience are good, but not essential, in joining and excelling on our course and finding an exciting new role in digital tech.

What we are really looking for is natural problem solvers, people who enjoy a challenge and getting stuck into a problem, and with the grit and determination to get through our intensive, immersive 16-week course. You’ll be well supported with an instructor for every 5 trainees. But you need to be motivated.

We believe people from the oil and gas industry with a ‘craft’ background are ideal candidates. If you’d like to find out more have a look at our course page or come along to an info-session.

And there is some funding available. To be eligible to make an application:

  •  You must be resident in Scotland
  •  You have been made redundant or currently at risk of redundancy from the Oil and Gas Sector or its’ supply chain
  •  You have worked in the Oil and Gas sector or the supply chain as an employee or contractor
  •  You must be able to show that the training will help you get a new job
  •  You must be actively seeking employment

If you believe you fit the bill we look forward to hearing from you!