Say Hello to Edinburgh Cohort 33!

Edinburgh Cohort 33

Can it really be that time already? Another few weeks down the road and – just when you had started to relax – CodeClan welcomes Edinburgh Cohort 33 on board.

Please put your hands, pincers, flagella, chromatophores, or other expressive body parts together (or indeed make them fluoresce/change colour, etc.) to welcome the 33rd cohort of students to our Professional Software Development course.

E33, as we’ll call them in-house, because we’re a friendly bunch like that, brings the total number of students who have come to CodeClan to just over 800 since we were founded in 2015.

The students have already picked up their CodeClan duckies, been shown where the toilets are, had the instructors and staff members pointed out to them and are already hard at work, learning the basics of Ruby, computational thinking, problem solving and making things work with code.

It’s a beautiful thing. If you visit, the new students are the ones walking around with extra big grins and laptops as yet undecorated with stickers…

One of the key strengths of CodeClan graduates is the skills they bring with them and the work they’ve done in the past. Every cohort brings together people with an incredible range of talents and some fascinating backgrounds. E33 continues this fine tradition and brings together an eclectic and diverse class.

In our 33rd cohort of students in Edinburgh we are proud – and delighted – to include:

  • an animal biologist
  • a dance teacher (freelance)
  • a photographer
  • a songwriter
  • a designer, actress and photorapher
  • a financial crime investigator
  • an engineer (steel)
  • a data enthusiast
  • an English teacher
  • a black cab driver and dad
  • a CNC machinist
  • a freelance web designer
  • a comedian (you know who you are!)

Edinburgh Cohort 33 now has 16 weeks to learn the ways of the professional software developer. As always we will bring you updates as they progress along their journey.

Welcome one and all – we hope you enjoy the ride.

(No matter what your background or job history, CodeClan can help you learn new skills and an awesome new job. Find out more…)


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