Meet our partners: Scottish Government

We caught up with Neill and Gary from the Scottish Government to find out why they’ve hired multiple times from our software development course.

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We’re from the Scottish Government, the Agriculture and Rural Economy Directorate, and we have a multitude of technical roles.

I’ve recruited one tester from CodeClan who’s brought a bunch of extra technical knowledge to the role, so the role’s evolved from a manual test role into test automation.

We’ve had about six people through CodeClan, and we’re back [to hire] again, I think that speaks volumes that we think there’s real value in this. The guys and girls are learning great skills and they’re very transferable when they come into our workplace, so overall it’s been a very worthwhile exercise.

[The course] kind of gives everyone an equal footing of learning the same skills and it’s a good foundation to build upon in the Government. Someone with a natural will and desire will learn quicker.

One of the good things we’ve found with CodeClan is that we’ve got a wide range of experience, different ages and backgrounds, they’ve all brought something different to the table.

I think IT’s evolved over the years, from a guy stuck away in a room coding to being more dynamic, going and talking to the correct people, whether it’s the business, fellow developers or testers, so CodeClan seems to provide a good technical foundation but also the social aspect of working in teams.

Visit the Scottish Government website.

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