Scottish tech grads demonstrate the need for practical learning in order to secure jobs

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Finding work after university

A recent study into the talent pool of IT recruitment over the last five years, conducted by recruitment company Be-IT, found that Scottish IT and digital graduates are failing to secure jobs after attending university.

“According to the survey: “Over two-thirds (68%) of graduates have gone on to work in a related computing/IT job, with 32% either not (yet) having got a job in the industry or not working in IT/computing at all.”

Our ready-made solution

In response to this report, we want to highlight the opportunities for people who are looking to move into the digital industry and offer a solution that is already available.

The Be-IT survey outlines that successful students were those who took part in placements, suggesting a balance of learning theory and implementing through practice was more effective.

“Less than half (43%) of graduates thought their university course was a good preparation for work, 35% said it was neither good or bad, 23% had negative feelings about their course/university with 8% recording “it was very poor and did not prepare me for the world of work”.

Circa 70,000 people in Scotland work in the ‘IT’ sector, and there are around 12,800 jobs still to fill (stats from ScotlandIS ‘Scottish Technology Industry Survey 2018‘).

CodeClan has already demonstrated through its flagship Professional Software Development course that it is possible to learn digital skills and secure a job quickly after. 

Our Professional Software Development (PSD) course ensures that every graduate is job-ready, with the ability to rapidly learn new skills, contribute within a team dynamic and understand best practice in issues from agile development to wellbeing and diversity.

Businesses looking for talent

Last year, we launched a new Industry Partner Programme, which is informed by three years of listening to and collaborating with organisations and industry, to ensure that our curriculum remains relevant and answers the needs of those recruiting.

236 Scottish businesses have joined the programme which offers partners exclusive access to CodeClan students from the week they begin their Professional Software Development course all the way through to graduation. This gives them unique insight into the student’s backgrounds, soft skills, career goals and capabilities, creating a tailored approach to recruiting job-ready talent.

90% of CodeClan graduates looking for work go into employment within six months of graduating and to-date, CodeClan has trained and helped place, 489 graduates through this route. A Glasgow cohort recently beat this stat, with 100% of its graduates finding employment within 3.5 months. 

Digital recruitment will impact the economy

There is a major opportunity during this rapid growth period to help organisations going through digital transformation (such as the finance and public sectors) and to support SMEs that continue to grow and innovate Scotland. This, in turn, will have a positive impact on the economy.

The survey shows that we should continue to advance and overcome challenges when we are presented with them. By listening, collaborating and attracting the right students, we can help bridge this gap and evolve as we need to.

Read more about our Industry Partner Programme here or if you are looking to retrain, you can check out our PSD course here.


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