Being a student at CodeClan: What to expect and how to prepare

Find out what to expect in the classroom, who your classmates could be and how we’ll help you find a job…

We know that learning something new can be daunting, so we’ve answered some of the biggest questions you (probably) have about our intensive software development course.

What will happen in class?

First things first, we chuck you straight in at the deep end. You’ll be expected to create a website on day one that you will present to your class and the CodeClan staff by lunchtime…

Just kidding, we’re nice really!


The first day starts off with a highly competitive Paper Tower Building competition. You may scoff but it’s harder than it looks. The competition gets you into problem solving mode ready for your first day of coding.

We’ll go on to discuss classroom cultures and introduce you to the concept of Scrum. The rest of the day will be spent getting you set up with Github and getting you familiar with the command line which is how we interact with our computer’s functionality.

Who will be in my class?

You will already have met most of your peers at the ‘Meet Your Cohort’ event, so there will hopefully be some friendly faces. Class sizes are small, a maximum of 20 students with a high ratio of instructors to students (1:5) so you won’t have too many names to remember.

CodeClan students vary widely in terms of age and background but you will be united by a common goal; you are all here to learn to code.

You’ll also have four lovely instructors in class at all times, one leading the lesson at the front and the other three camped out around the room ready to help at all times.

What should I expect at job interviews?

Prior to any job interview you’ll go through CV and interview prep with the team here and external specialists.

Interviews will vary from employer to employer and role to role but will often consist of a technical assessment such as a coding challenge as well as a criteria based interview.

What is the ‘Employer partner network’?

CodeClan was set up to help fill the growing skills gap in the Scottish tech industry and produce developers that can go straight into the workplace.

Our employer network is made up of more than 150 companies that are in desperate need of savvy coders to fill their tech teams in a variety of roles. They join our community for free and soon start to find out more about our students and the types of roles they’re looking to go into.

Employers come along to Speed Networking sessions to meet students, attend Friday lunchtime sessions to tell students who they are and what they do, and we place their vacancies on a jobs board – we then help students arrange interviews for roles they’re interested in.

Should you be employed by one of them, the employer makes a contribution to your course fees, with the cost varying depending on the size of the company.

What kind of jobs are available?

There are an enormous variety of jobs available to our graduates. That’s true both in terms of the type of employer and the actual jobs to be filled.

In terms of the types of employer, the biggest distinction is between service companies and product companies. Within that you have a variety of sizes ranging from early stage (pre revenue) start ups, through SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises) to mid-sized and larger companies.

The entry-level roles vary widely, from customer support, through testing and bug fixing, to full on coding. Generally speaking, you may not go directly into a front line coding role, your time with CodeClan provides you with a ‘passport’ into the digital technology industry.

As well as teaching you how to code during your 16 weeks with us we will try to give you a flavour of the diversity of roles available. When you enter the industry you will be amazed by the rich diversity of opportunities and different career paths you can take.

How will CodeClan support me?

Here at CodeClan we work as a team and we like to think of you as part of it.

We have Leigh-Ann, our Head of Student Wellbeing who is dedicated to ensuring your time here runs as smoothly as possible. She’s there if ever you have a problem or question.

Although the course is challenging and fast paced, we like to instil a sense of community in you from day one to ensure that you feel you can ask for help from one of your peers or a member of the team at any time.

If you’d like to come along for a taster and to meet some of the team register register now for one of our info sessions or find out more about the course.


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