Student Stories: Meet Megan

Previous role: Software Product Manager working in commercial real estate investment (proptech).

Role after CodeClan: Software Product Manager, Zonal

Before CodeClan I worked in an early stage software company, applying my background in energy efficiency to managing a product used by commercial real estate investors.

I had a strong foundation of technical knowledge combined with commercial awareness, but I wanted to develop my knowledge of software development beyond my conceptual understanding, hence my decision to attend CodeClan.

Megan standing

I believe an individual that can combine commercial awareness with technical ability is an asset to a large or small technology business, as this is a skill set that I have sought in the past as an employer.

A strong interest in tech

Technology has been a common thread running throughout my education and career to date.

I’ve always closely tracked the direction of technological innovation in the industries in which I have worked and I’ve been attracted to software development for quite some time as I feel it will eventually underpin all industries.

I had some self-taught knowledge using online resources such as Codecademy and Treehouse, although I felt that I needed to dedicate myself full time to a more immersive learning experience to accelerate my practical understanding of the subject.

Preparing for a new career

CodeClan gave me a practical, well rounded knowledge of software development. The learning environment, combined with the curriculum, has been designed to provide students with an inherent understanding of the languages taught before we were allowed access to the various frameworks used in industry.

I’m happy that I chose to take the time to expose myself to an environment that is highly conducive to this type of practical learning. I learned an incredible amount and particularly enjoyed working with other CodeClan students.

I think that the range of backgrounds that the students come from enriches the product planning and development processes.

For anyone thinking of studying at CodeClan, you need to think about the reasons why you are applying. Many people already working in software development do so because they enjoy it and it has been an interest from a young age in many cases.

I’d advise that potential candidates try out online resources to see if it is something they genuinely enjoy doing. If it is, then they will love CodeClan and the opportunities it opens up to them!

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