Taking A Deep Dive

Immersion-based learning techniques lie at the heart of the coding academy revolution. They are what enables students to learn complex, challenging subjects in a much shorter time period than the conventional study processes used in our mainstream educational system. So how do they work?

The first principle is that active learning by doing is more effective than passive learning by sitting in a classroom being talked at. As a recent talk by educationalist Gave Zichermann to the TED programme pointed out, humans are active beings and ‘doing’ is in their nature and chemistry.

This is why the rapidly-growing practice of game-based learning – or ‘gamification’ – is so successful. Players are motivated to learn through active participation in a game-based context. The second principle is that learning is enhanced by working closely with other students in a socially interactive manner, bringing friendship, feedback and fun to enhance the experience.

As with other coding academies, CodeClan’s instruction process will be based on teaching coding one step at a time, each period of teaching being reinforced by extensive practice and problem-solving at a group level until the relevant knowledge has been thoroughly embedded and students are ready to move to the next stage. The bigger question is how far the immersive learning process will advance into today’s conventional education system.

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