The best cities in the world to pursue a career in tech

A long-exposure photo of a city road at night, with blurred lines for passing traffic and tall buildings in the background

Due to the recent boom in tech start-ups around the world, more people than ever are looking for a career in tech and studying software development and data analysis.

But which cities around the globe are the best to pursue a career in tech?

With this in mind, we have gathered data on the top 100 cities listed in Mercer’s Quality of Living ranking, identifying some of the most important factors when it comes to pursuing a career in tech; average salary, average broadband speed, average rent per month and the number of tech companies/jobs. Each factor has been weighted fairly to give an overall score and reveal the best city in the world for a career in tech.

Both Edinburgh and Glasgow make the top 100, with Bern, Zurich and Atlanta coming in at the top

Read all of the top 100 cities and access the full dataset here.

Photo credit: Marc-Olivier Jodoin.


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