Welcome G14!

Please Welcome CodeClan G14

CodeClan welcomed G14, the latest cohort of students to our Glasgow campus this week.

CodeClan always attracts students from an interesting number of backgrounds. Our 14th cohort of students in Glasgow, or G14 as we call them in-house, are no exception.

The students in G14 include linguists, a physicist, a marketer, a telecoms engineer, a former army radio operator, and a chartered accountant.

Week One

The G14 students are now starting work on week one of the Professional Software Development course, under the watchful eye of their lead instructor, Ally, who’ll be guiding them through their time at CodeClan. The cohort will also benefit from help from  Louise R and Lindsey, who’ll be assisting and making sure every student has the help and support they need to succeed.

This week, alongside vital information such as where the toilets are, finding the best nearby sandwich shops, G14 will be getting to grips with the basics of programming in Ruby. Of course after that they have so much more to look forward to, including  Java, SQL, JavaScript, Spring, React and much, much more.

It’s Not Just Coding

In addition to the technical skills, they’ll also get a whole host of coaching, career and wellbeing sessions, to help and support them through the course and make sure they graduate ready for anything!

We’ll be checking in on them again as the course progresses, before they graduate in November.

In the meantime, please welcome G14: Stephen, Allan, Kyle, Diane, Patrick, Billy, Martin, Kevin, Gillian and Barry to CodeClan. We hope you have fun!


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