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Welcome to our Commercial Director

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In August, CodeClan’s leadership team appointed Brian Baglow as our new Commercial Director. He’ll assist our organisation to fulfil our goal of creating a new digital talent pipeline, to help Scotland’s industry and economy thrive.

Brian’s role will ensure that CodeClan is working with companies across all of the key industrial sectors, throughout Scotland to help address the shortage of digitally skilled staff.

In addition, he’ll support an expanding curriculum, which now offers a growing range of short and bespoke training courses which enables companies to up-skill, re-skill and train staff in a broad range of digital skills.

As he starts his new role, Brian discusses why he wanted to work for us:

“CodeClan is helping people change their lives.

“Almost every industry is facing disruption thanks to the rapid evolution of technology. Jobs are going to change, employment is going to change, and lifelong learning is going to be a reality in the near future.

“CodeClan is helping to address this and gives people the chance to learn a completely new set of skills and forge a new career. It puts Scotland firmly at the forefront of the digital world and it’s genuinely helping people. Who wouldn’t want to be involved in that?”

CodeClan is continuing to grow, and our CEO Melinda Matthews Clarkson states that “Scotland is an exceptional place to be right now. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, employer, student, or someone looking for a new direction.

“There’s an energy, a positivity and a lot of amazing work going on to make this country better, more inclusive, smarter and better able to make use of the digital world we live in. Brian’s experience coupled with his passion for all things digital makes him a great fit for the role.

“I’m delighted Brian has joined ‘the clan’ to help us make things even better.”


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