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Discover the benefits of software development skills and access resources to start learning today.

Coding is the must-have skill of the future, likely to be part of every workplace in the coming years as roles become automated and digital technology opens new possibilities.

For those ready to embrace this opportunity, learning to code will create exciting career opportunities and make you think differently about the digital world around you.

But where to start your coding journey? We’ve pulled together an ebook that covers the basics of why and how to learn coding and invites you to write your first lines of code with free tools.

This free guide will show you:

The benefits of coding skills

From the excitement of getting out of your comfort zone to having a creative toolkit to bring your ideas to life, we’ll show you why coding is a must-have skill.

How to start learning today

There’s never been a better time to learn programming. Why? Because you can sign for fantastic online tools and start coding today! We’ll guide you through a few of them. 

Case studies of career changers

Coding is great, right, but what’s the long game? Get inspired by other career changers and learn why and how they got into programming.

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