Why our students are thriving with remote learning

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Technology has trickled through every single avenue of our lives. It’s changed the way we interact with people, purchase products and most importantly it’s changed how we learn and upskill.

Most of us would describe learning online in one specific way: learning on a computer. However, virtual learning at CodeClan is interactive and simulates the social and interactive classroom environment that follows the working day as closely as possible. 

Online Learning vs. Virtual Learning Experience – just what is the difference?

At CodeClan, we pride ourselves on providing an interactive virtual learning experience to help you learn new skills from anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet. With our tried and tested teaching methods we’ve found that our students learn by doing: by building things, making mistakes, troubleshooting, and focused practice. 

Here are 7 reasons why our virtual learning experience is different from standard online learning: 

1. Our courses are structured to equip you with industry relevant knowledge

Not only will our courses give you the knowledge, strong foundations and skills to succeed in a tech or data role, but through our career preparation sessions, you’ll also be equipped with industry relevant knowledge and contacts that will help you to find a new job that is a great fit for you and the organisation.

2. Our instructors teach you live, face to face via a conferencing tool

Each weekday all our students and instructors meet for a daily stand up, and to do a review of the homework from the previous night. You’ll then start on classroom learning, typically in codealong format, where you’ll get the chance to interact with our instructors, who will teach you the tech, share best practices, equip you with techniques from experienced developers and data analysts. Plus, get answers to questions you might have during feedback sessions and labs, so that you can walk away with confidence about the new concepts you’ve just learned.

3. We’re here to help you hold yourself accountable

Our courses come with a steep learning curve, but our instructors and student services team are on hand to help keep you motivated every day, ensure you’re continuing to learn successfully and that your well-being is kept on top of, all of which we believe is essential to keeping you on track. 

4. You’ll learn by doing

With projects to put your skills into practice and homework that helps you digest all the knowledge you’ve absorbed through the day, our courses are designed to help you learn by doing. With a curriculum focussed on interactive lessons, labs, homework and personal development, you’ll be doing close to 1,000 hours of learning during your course.**

 **At least 800 hours of learning for Professional Software Development/700 hours of learning for Professional Data Analysis

5. You’ll master the art of presenting

We give you the chance to work on a mix of solo and group practical projects that help you get on top of your game by applying skills that you’ve acquired through the course. You’ll create projects you’re proud of and develop your portfolio to show off your newly acquired skills while understanding how to create smart solutions to industry problems. 

6. Become part of a community

You’ll become part of our supportive community. You will get the chance to interact with your peers who are eager to learn and share every single day, take part in networking events and meet and chat with our alumni. You’ll be part of a diverse community of awesome individuals who quickly become your tribe and help you expand your network.

7. We’ll help you build your portfolio & CV

Our courses give you access to our careers service team who will help you create a CV that stands out from the crowd, provide workshops on LinkedIn and interview skills and will ensure that you feel ready to apply and interview for a new role in tech or data.

Remote learning can be harnessed in different ways. At CodeClan, you can harness the power of our tried and tested virtual learning experience, hold yourself accountable, interact with great instructors and classmates and build your network and confidence. 

Ready to get started? Head over to our courses page to learn more about our professional software development and data analysis courses, both of which have a remote learning option.


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