Why we Switched from Ruby to Python

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We recently caught up with Keith, one of our Professional Software Developer Instructors, about introducing Python to the course. Here’s what he had to say.

Ruby is a fantastic programming language. 

It’s beginner friendly, quick to learn and has a mature web framework in Ruby on Rails which is very popular. 

So you might be wondering why we changed the first module of our Professional Software Development course to be focused on Python instead of Ruby.

For a start, Python is also a fantastic programming language so in terms of learning, we knew there wouldn’t be any downside. In fact, we identified some advantages. 

One simple example is that Python enforces proper indentation which makes code clearer and easier to read. We find that beginners often neglect indentation in favour of (understandably) “getting it to work” to the detriment of clear, readable code.

Python is also extremely versatile and popular in a wide variety of different contexts, not just web development (yes, Ruby isn’t limited to web dev either but Python is applied more widely) – Data science and machine learning to name a few.

Whilst we focus mainly on web development in the Professional Software Development course, we know that there are growing opportunities for our graduates to start a career in many of these other contexts. Python skills give students a better opportunity to expand into these areas.

Part of CodeClan’s mission is to play a leading role in educating and enabling individuals to be employed into Scotland’s vibrant digital economy so we are driven by the demands of the Scottish tech sector. In the ScotlandIS Technology Industry Survey, updated in April 2020 the top three in-demand software skills were Cloud Computing, JavaScript and Python. 

We’ve also been hearing growing demand from our potential students for Python who are a dedicated bunch when it comes to researching their future careers. 

So there you have it. It’s farewell to Ruby and hello to Python!


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