Why we’re switching Vue to React

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Our Immersive Professional Software Development course has undergone a few changes this spring, and we wanted to provide some more insight about what’s new and why! 

Goodbye Vue! 

Previously in our Professional Software Development course, we taught two JavaScript frameworks. We focused primarily on Vue and had a follow-up React lesson later in the course. 

After much discussion with our instructor team, we agreed that it’s more beneficial to provide a solid education on one framework, than a partial education on two. And, given that React is the more popular framework of choice in the Scottish tech sector right now, we’ve decided to focus on it. 

We’re committed to ensuring that our students have what they need to become successful developers and that they’re as hireable as possible when finishing our course. This change is yet another example of this ongoing commitment to our students. 

Capstone Project

Due to these changes in our JavaScript module, we saw and seized an opportunity to add even more project time into the Professional Software Development course. Project based learning is at the core of the CodeClan teaching style. We believe the longer you have to “go forth and build”, the better! 

Previously the final project week lasted, well, a week! We’re now changing this so that you spend two full, focused weeks on this, and we’ll be calling it your Capstone Project. This is an opportunity for our students to take everything they’ve learned so far, maybe even branch out and try something new, bring this all together and produce a piece of work that shows who they are as a developer and helps them stand out from the crowd.


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