Working with CodeClan: Inoapps’ Dermot Murray on being an employer partner

CodeClan works with employers across Scotland to provide a steady stream of talented junior developers. Inoapps’ VP of Professional Services, Dermot Murray, explains why they’re working with CodeClan.

Inoapps is an IT services company based in Scotland, with offices throughout the world.

One of the biggest challenges we faced over the last couple of years is finding the next generation of talent, the new individuals that are going to form the core of the organisation as we grow and expand into the future.

Our traditional path was through graduate recruitment straight out of university, but over the last couple of years we’ve found it harder and harder to recruit the really high quality individuals we need.

We started speaking to CodeClan a few months ago, and we really liked the messages and ideas they were coming to us with. We liked the idea that they could bring us candidates with more rounded skills and life experience before retraining into digital skills.

We’ve recruited a number of graduates from CodeClan. They’re working out really well and already forming a key part of our team moving forward.

Our plan is to continue using CodeClan to meet some of our future needs for growth and expansion.

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