Chris Ellis

Meet our employers: Chris Ellis from CAS

Chris Ellis, Computer Applications Services (CAS) Ltd’s CTO, explains why he’s working with us to meet the company’s recruitment demands.

Computer Applications Services build case management software for government and financial services organisations.

We have our own software engineering team, which we’ve traditionally hired into using recruitment agent. Typically we’ve aimed to recruit more experienced engineers to join the team and bring with them a history of experience. We’ve found sometimes that can be quite challenging.

With CodeClan there was an opportunity to recruit more junior developers into the team and teach them as they learn, through developing the software and developing their skills at the same time.

CodeClan really helped us to do that because we have confidence in the course material that they’ve studied. We know what to expect when they arrive, we know what they need to learn and the weaknesses and strengths they’ve developed through the course.

If you’re an employer and you’re thinking of working with CodeClan, we’ve found them very easy to work with. It’s great having early access to students, you can meet them as they go through the course and interact with them at different stages.

You can get involved in a course and tell a Cohort about your experience as they’re developing, which will hopefully attract them to come and work for you later on.

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