Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Our commitment to safe, interactive and virtual learning

As the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to escalate, here’s an important update about our three campuses (Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness) and services at CodeClan.

CodeClan remains open for business

  • At CodeClan we are are monitoring the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation and in line with recent government advice, all CodeClan’s courses have moved to a Virtual Learning Experience from 23rd March to ensure our students’ routine is maintained as far as possible.

  • We all have to be more flexible in our approach to working and CodeClan will continue business as usual with our team working from home as of 18th March.

Virtual Learning Experience

Our instructor team is working hard to make sure that our students’ learning is impacted as little as possible by these changes. Our move to a Virtual Learning Experience is interactive and simulates the classroom environment that will follow the working day as closely as possible. CodeClan’s priority is to ensure the safety of our students and staff, while maintaining a high level of service.

  • Each day will begin with a virtual standup to allow for student feedback.
  • Live, interactive lessons will be hosted through virtual hosting tools and made available for review afterwards.
  • Support will continue to be provided through conferencing and screen sharing tools that we have made available to all our students
  • A daily Q&A document will be shared to collate student questions. 
  • Paired programming will continue using tools like Teletype:Atom and Visual Studio.
  • Cohorts on group projects will arrange to work together via conferencing or other online tools.
  • There will also be smaller group lessons, and flexible times outside 9 to 5.

Our Student Support and Instructor teams will continue to deliver support and training, and individual meetings are available by appointment and screen sharing. Our team of instructors and learning support staff are on hand for individual assistance or help with group projects.  

We believe that these measures will give students the best opportunity to learn in a supportive environment, and to gain additional agile skills to move forward in a rapidly changing environment. Deadlines will remain the same and this will give our students the opportunity to learn how to work as part of a distributed team.

Any student who is self-isolating can still continue to learn using our Virtual Learning Experience depending upon the level of absence (to be agreed) we will decide on how to proceed with cohort lessons. 

All CodeClan events have moved to webinars.

We will be frequently monitoring delivery provision, responding appropriately, and updating the plan as necessary.

If you have any questions:

Please contact