COVID-19 information

Our commitment to safe learning, virtual and on campus

Here’s an important update about our training and services at CodeClan.

CodeClan remains committed to delivering training to the next generation of digital leaders via remote and on-campus learning

CodeClan follows Scottish Government guidance on safe learning and work spaces. In line with the recently published roadmap for easing of restrictions, we are anticipating that we may be able to review reintroducing on-campus learning in restricted form from April at the earliest, but this is dependant on the content of ongoing advice issued to colleges and universities by the Scottish Government. In the meantime, all our teaching will remain virtual for the time being.

  • Our Data Analysis immersive course has remote learning availability. On-campus (Edinburgh) training has been temporarily transferred to remote virtual learning until the beginning of April, in line with Scottish Government guidance on teaching in Colleges & Universities
  • Our Professional Software Development course has remote training availability. On-campus (Edinburgh and Glasgow) training has been temporarily transferred to remote virtual learning until the beginning of April, in line with Scottish Government guidance on teaching in Colleges and Universities
  • All of our short courses are currently delivered remotely

What is a Virtual Learning Experience?

Our Virtual Learning Experience is interactive and simulates the classroom environment that follows the working day as closely as possible. CodeClan’s priority is to ensure the safety of our students and staff, while maintaining a high level of service.

  • Each day begins with a virtual standup meeting to allow for student feedback and instructors to introduce the day’s material
  • Live, interactive lessons are hosted through virtual hosting tools
  • Support is provided through conferencing and screen sharing tools that are available to all our students Additional support on self-learning is also provided
  • A daily Q&A document is shared to collate student questions
  • Paired programming will continue using tools including Teletype:Atom and Visual Studio
  • Cohorts on group projects work together via conferencing or other online tools
  • There are smaller group lessons, and flexible times outside 9 to 5
  • Flexi times are also available for additional support

Hiring & Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our team will assist and coach you for a role in the technology ecosystem but due to the economic uncertainty, it is important to understand that our standard placement processes have been slowed. Our goal is to support you through this process with a new profile, promote your skills and experience to our partners and engage organisations across Scotland to understand who is hiring for full time and part time roles.

Our Student Support and Instructor teams are continuing to deliver support and training, and individual meetings are available by appointment and screen sharing. Our team of instructors and learning support staff are on hand for individual assistance or help with group projects.  

We believe that these measures will give students the best opportunity to learn in a supportive environment, and to gain additional agile skills to move forward in a rapidly changing environment. Deadlines will remain the same and this will give our students the opportunity to learn how to work as part of a distributed team.

Any student who is self-isolating can still continue to learn using our Virtual Learning Experience depending upon the level of absence (to be agreed) we will decide on how to proceed with cohort lessons. 

All CodeClan events have moved to webinars. Find out when our next webinar is here

We will be frequently monitoring delivery provision, responding appropriately, and updating the plan as necessary.

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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