Course Curriculum


After a meet-up to get to know your instructors and fellow students, you'll work through structured assignments and online courses and begin to pick up key terminology and gain confidence in navigating your development environment. You'll complete this part of the course from home over 3 weeks.

Programming Fundamentals Module

This first module of our course focuses on giving you a solid foundation in understanding key programming principles and concepts, building and strengthening your software development skills using standard tools.

Statically Typed Programming Module (Java)

This module of our course changes your language to Java, and gets you understanding the key differences between statically and dynamically typed languages and their impact in development work. You will build new skills in developing your own applications which obey the SOLID principles.

JavaScript Module

This module introduces web programming using JavaScript, one of the key technologies used to develop websites. You will learn the key fundamentals of the JS programming language to learn how to develop full-stack JS applications and learn to use the web framework React.

Career Focused Activities

Throughout your time at CodeClan you will be given guidance and support to enhance your ability to transition into the tech industry. Everything from advice about improving your LinkedIn profile and CV to making a professional Git repo that showcases your new portfolio of work.

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