Six days / part time / funded

Data Analysis Essentials

From data to dashboard, supercharge your CV with skills like R Programming, visualisation, data cleaning and data manipulation.

From raw data to interactive dashboards

Data has become the world’s most valuable commodity. Supercharge your career with skills that will enable you to understand, manage and manipulate data.

Here’s what you’ll learn on the Data Analysis Essentials course:

Intro to programming in R

  • Move beyond excel and learn how to effectively clean, organise, and analyse data using R and the Tidyverse
  • Learn how to clean, reshape and join messy data
  • Deal with outliers and missing values
  • Get comfortable working with with strings and regular expressions

Visualisations using R

  • Learn to use R to bring the story of your data to life through graphs
  • Build and customise plots with different layouts, colours and themes
  • Choose which types of charts are best for different data
  • Understand the principles for building visualisations and how to make effective plots

Interactive data bashboards

  • Learn how to build an interactive data dashboard that can be used to discover and communicate insights
  • Get a comprehensive introduction to the Shiny package and its use in dashboard building 
  • Learn to customise the appearance of your dashboard
  • Use reactivity in the Shiny server

Key tools and tech

  • R Programming
  • The Tidyverse
  • Shiny

This course is great if you are...

A data newbie

If you’re curious about how data works, inspired by the huge importance of data in our lives and want to learn more about how it’s managed, this course is for you.

A future career changer

Want to change career in the future and take your first steps into data analysis? This course provides an ideal grounding in the core skills and technologies.

Working with data?

Perhaps you’ve worked with data in education at some point? From personal trainers to bar managers, data skills are important for many careers. This course is an ideal first step in developing your data skills further.

How you'll learn

We’ve created a schedule to fit around you and your full time job but also provides an immersive experience where you will learn a lot in a short amount of time. 

You’ll be learning through a combination of code-alongs, labs, paired programming and project work. 

We keep our classes small so there is lots of time group interaction and 121 help from instructors.


Completing CodeClan’s Data Analysis Essentials will put you in an ideal position to apply for our Professional Data Analysis course, a career change opportunity that includes career support and coaching.

Key information and booking

Course format

Classes will run Monday to Wednesday from 9:30 am pm until 5pm for two consecutive weeks. The course will be delivered remotely.

Start date

7 March 2022

Funding available

To be eligible for a fully-funded place on this course through the Digital Skills Pipeline, you must:

  • live in Scotland
  • be over 25
  • not have graduated in the last 12 months. 

Limited availability – to join a waiting list for this funding, simply complete the booking form for this course.

(Ordinary price: £1050)

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