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14 weeks, full time

Professional Data Analysis

Transform and future-proof your career by getting the skills and knowledge to become a professional data analyst.

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Accelerate your career in data

CodeClan’s accredited Professional Data Analysis course is delivered in a practical, hands-on way and is focussed on giving you the skills and knowledge needed to work as a data analyst. Classes are available on-campus and in our virtual classroom, where you’ll learn through 14 weeks of labs, real-life exercises and projects. You’ll also get access to a range of career support services.

Our curriculum will prepare you for a real-world data career – what industry needs right now. 

Build future-proof data skills

Our curriculum is expertly designed in collaboration with industry to give you the grounding in technical and soft skills to grow a successful career in data analysis. 

Create a project portfolio

At CodeClan, we learn by doing, completing each module with a project. As you progress through the course, you’ll create a portfolio that you can show to future employers.

Earn a trusted qualification

Enhance your CV by earning a Professional Development Award in Data Science, an internationally recognised stamp of approval.

Access career support

We won’t just teach you data, we’ll help you launch a career in a new industry and support you for six months after you graduate.

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Your journey to becoming a data analyst

Before the course

Pre-course work

Studying at your own pace, get comfortable using your laptop and familiarise yourself with the basic tools used by data professionals including R and GitHub

We’ll also give you a maths refresher and cover some basic statistics and probability.

Before the course
Weeks 1-4

Module 1: Manipulating data

Classes start. Learn how to manage and manipulate data. In this module we’ll cover key tools and technologies including R and the Tidyverse, SQL, data cleaning and wrangling, ethics, version control and reproducibility, finishing with a presentation on data ethics and a project.

Weeks 1-4

Dirty data project

In this solo project, you’ll work like a real-life data analyst and clean some messy data sets.

Weeks 5-8

Module 2: Understanding data

We’ll use ggplot2 and Tableau to create visualisations, communicating data. Time for some statistics and specialist topics including time series and spatial analysis.

We’ll go a little deeper with the basics of hypothesis testing, probability, and simple regression models.

Weeks 5-8

Dashboard project

Time for group work. Build a data dashboard using R shiny.

Week 9

Careers week

You’re here for your career. That’s why we run a series of classes and workshops to give you the knowledge and confidence to pitch your new skills to employers. Time to stand out on your CV, LinkedIn, portfolio, job applications and in interviews.

Week 9
Weeks 10-14

Module 3: Advanced analytics

Now you’re ready to cover more advanced statistics and specialist topics including machine learning, text mining and multiple regression.

Get to grips with Python, model building, variable engineering, and clustering.

Weeks 10-14

End-to-end data analysis project

This is an individual project in which you get to shine. Working from a business brief, you’ll clean and analyse data, get stuck into model building and Git and finish with a presentation. 

Week 14


Time to celebrate with your cohort.

Week 14

Career support for six months

Start your new chapter with six months of support including employer talks, project showcase invitation, a profile on our graduate’s page, job alerts, online support and more.

This course is great for:

Career changers

Looking for a new and rewarding challenge? Data skills are in demand in practically all industries and form a fantastic springboard for a range of career options.

Data reskillers

Worked with data in a previous role? From engineers and investors to marketers and bar managers, data skills are essential for many careers. This course is an ideal opportunity to update your skills and focus your career on data.

Information enthusiasts

Do you love graphs and charts? Maybe you’ve read more widely about the power and potential of data, caught the bug for analysis at uni or in a previous role working with data people. Take that passion to the next level!

What you'll need

1. Attitude. You’ll need to be keen on learning, have patience when you can’t understand things and tenacity to keep on learning.

2. Explore. Before you apply, we want you to explore some coding and data analysis for yourself and make sure you’ve tried it and enjoy it before committing to the course.

3. Kit. You’ll need a Windows or MacBook with at least 8GB RAM & a 2.4GHZ processor, and comfortably run the latest operating system. If your laptop is older than 2014 please check with Admissions to see if it is suitable to use. If you do not have access to a suitable laptop, we can rent you one for £300.

Meet your instructors

CodeClan instructors have the passion, expertise and experience to make your journey a success. They’ll be on hand throughout the course to guide, support and inspire you.


Expert data instructors


Student to instructor ratio


Course completion rate

A portrait of Jamie, a data analysis instructor at CodeClan


Senior Instructor

I’m a Statistics graduate with over ten years of industry experience in Data Science and Actuarial functions in the public and private sector. In my spare time I enjoy making visualisations and predictive models with football data.

A portrait of John, a data analysis instructor at CodeClan



Hello everyone, my name is John. I have a degree in ecology. I’ve carried out research in conservation biology analysing the effects of pesticides on British butterflies, and tourism on wild reindeer.


Technical Assistant

Hi, my name is David, I’m a CodeClan Data Analysis graduate. Since graduating I’ve undertaken my own Scottish Tech Army projects to help others and improve data literacy in the UK.

Career Support

Our Careers team will train you in the skills you need to find your first role. Our aim is to help you to find a job that is a great fit for you. Through CV workshops, mock interviews, and Industry Talks, you’ll discover what employers want and how to successfully apply.

84% job placement rate

Join our successful alumni community!

Training at CodeClan has proved life-changing for many of our students. Part of that journey is finding the right job after you graduate. 

Read our outcomes report >

Our graduates

Jonathan, a CodeClan data analysis graduate


“CodeClan embodied the collaborative and knowledge-sharing nature of the industry perfectly.”

Elly, a CodeClan data analysis graduate


“I loved my experience at CodeClan. The course content was great and the instructors were lovely and supportive.”

Ric, a CodeClan data analysis graduate


“The learning support function went above and beyond to help me help myself. It has changed the way I approach any kind of task.”

Funding & payment

The cost of the course is £6,950

Funding options

There are a number of finance options you can consider for your CodeClan course. This can be explored on our funding page.

Modular payment

Split your payment into four manageable chunks, first with a deposit of £750, and then three subsequent payments.

Standard payment

A deposit of £750 is payable to secure your place once you are accepted, with the remaining fees due before the course begins.

How do we compare?



Campus in Scotland:

Instructor support:

Career support:


6 months

Other bootcamps*

£7,000 – £10,000


Free online course


* based on our top 2 competitors.


Worth it? Absolutely!

Where you could start…


Average graduate salary for this course*

Where experience could take you…

£42,772 -Data Analyst

£55,338 – Business Analyst

£56,703 – Data Scientist

Average UK salaries*

* Read more about these figures in our graduate outcomes report.

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DE19 - Onsite: Edinburgh 13/01/2023 30/01/2023 05/05/2023
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DE21 - Onsite: Edinburgh 05/05/2023 22/05/2023 25/08/2023
DR22 - Remote 23/06/2023 10/07/2023 13/10/2023


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