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As data becomes the world’s most valuable commodity, it’s never been more important to equip yourself with skills to take your next big step. Supercharge your career with skills that will enable you to understand, manage and manipulate data. 

CodeClan’s instructor-led data training, on campus in Edinburgh and through our virtual classroom, will help you take the next step in your data career, whether you’re looking to become a data analyst, a data-driven decision maker, or equip your team with data analytics skills like data wrangling, data visualisation or dashboard building. 

With technologies like R Programming, Python and SQL, our data analysis courses are designed help you future-proof your career and level up your data game.



Professional Data Analysis

Transform and future-proof your career by getting the skills and knowledge to become a professional data analyst. This full-time immersive Professional Data Analysis course is delivered in a practical, hands-on way by expert instructors who will prepare you for the real world, giving you technical skills the industry needs and the soft skill you need to transform your career.

The Professional Data Analysis course is ideal those who aspire to become professional data analysts. The course is suitable for beginners, but students have typically already worked with data in some capacity, whether using spreadsheets or other technologies. They may also have used some data analysis as part of recent education or have explored data skills using online tools. 


Python for Data Analysis

Python is becoming an ever more popular tool for data analysis and data science. Get an introduction to Python for data in this hands on, practical course.

For beginners who want to pick up the Python skills to work more efficiently with data.


SQL for Data Analysis

Get an introduction to one of the most popular tools for data analysis in this hands-on course.

This is a beginners’ course, ideal for those who working with SQL databases who aspire to efficiently analyse the data their organisations hold. 


R for Data Analysis

Supercharge your productivity with better data management. Move beyond spreadsheets and learn how to clean, organise, and analyse data using R programming.

The is a beginners’ course and an ideal starting point for those who work with data at a basic level and want to move beyond spreadsheets. You’ll learn learn how to clean, organise and analyse data more efficiently.


Data Visualisations

Learn how to use R to turn a spreadsheet into something that will engage decision-makers and bring the story of your data to life.

For anyone experienced in R and Tidyverse who aspires to visualise and drive decision-making with data. Ideal for anyone who has already completed CodeClan’s Data for Beginners (R) course.


Interactive Data Dashboards

Learn how to create live, interactive dashboards to engage decision-makers and give real time business insights.

For those experienced in R, tidyverse and ggplot who aspire to build dashboards for better insights and more value from data. Ideal for anyone who has completed CodeClan’s Data for Beginners (R) and R Level 2: Data Visualisations courses.

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