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R for Data Analysis

Super-charge your productivity with better data management. Move beyond spreadsheets and learn how to clean, organise, and analyse data using R programming.

Course overview

R is widely used for data analysis. Move beyond excel and learn how to effectively clean, organise, and analyse data using R and the Tidyverse in order to extract valuable insights from data. This course will introduce you to R and Rstudio with a focus on the power and ease of using the Tidyverse for data wrangling.

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During this course you'll learn how to:

  • Manipulate data using the Tidyverse
  • Clean, reshape and join messy data
  • Deal with outliers and missing values
  • Work with strings and regular expressions
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CodeClan is an approved CPD Certification Service provider and this is an approved CPD course. All attendees who complete this course will receive a CPD certificate.

Learn in CodeClan's virtual, interactive classroom

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Learn in an immersive environment and stay motivated, what could take you weeks to learn on a self paced online course will take you a few days. This course will run via our Virtual Learning Environment, a fully interactive, live learning experience led by our expert instructors. 

I wanted to develop R skills to allow me to “future proof” my career. I’ve learnt a lot in a structured environment.

– Wojciech Hupert


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This course is aimed at beginners and requires no previous experience of R. Some basic familiarity with a spreadsheet is required, such as being able to identify rows, columns and heading names. If you have some experience with base R, this course will introduce you to the benefits of using the Tidyverse packages.

The amount that you get out of a hands on course with support compared to video courses is amazing. A great starter course for R to demystify it and get you going – it breaks it down and gives the confidence to go and find out if you later get stuck.

– Cameron Philip

Course cost & dates


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Available through Knoma to spread the cost at 0% APR. *Paid monthly over 12 months. Knoma T&Cs apply.

Other funding options

Funding options such as Data Skills for Work and the SDS Individual Training Account are now available. Click here to find out more.

Course Dates

Evening Courses

29th May – 1st June 2023

Evening times – 6pm to 9pm

Day Course

10th – 12th July 2023

Day course times – 9.30am to 4.30pm

Classes run remotely in CodeClan’s virtual interactive classroom.

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