Micro course series

Digital 101

A series of fun micro courses designed to give teams the insight to grow and build digital confidence. 

Demystifying digital jargon

Businesses and organisations need to create digital strategies to keep up with changing times, but quite often don’t even know where to begin and their staff don’t always have the knowledge required.

This course will help demystify some of the terminology and the jargon used in this ever-changing digital world, building your confidence to be able to discuss and explore how to use technology for your business’s growth.

This course is for people who want to understand technologies that can make a difference in business and personal worlds. We’ll use a combination of discussion, creative brainstorming and team activities to bring you up to speed and raise your digital confidence.

Choose your modules

Digital 101 is a series of Micro courses designed to be fun, short and engaging.

We have five modules to choose from. Take all five or just one, to gain more insight and build your digital #confidence. 

Module duration:

2.5 hours

Ideal class size:

10-15 people

Module 01

What is programming?

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to understand and talk about the basic concepts of programming including what is a full stack, front end, and back end, roles and the software development lifecycle

Module 02

The Cloud, 5G and IOT

After this module, you’ll be able to identify the leading players and technologies in the field, and why it’s becoming so important to leverage these technologies for growth, scalability and security.

Module 03


During this module you will get a better understanding of the uses of data and data ethics. You’ll learn about the value of harnessing and visualising data to make informed decisions and gain insights to improve productivity, growth and key business metrics.

Module 04


By the end of this module you’ll be able to understand the basic elements of an e-commerce site. You’ll understand the jargon to have the confidence to speak to venders and the connection between e-commerce and digital marketing.

Module 05

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the buzz word but what does it really mean? Find out how successful transformations work by understanding the benefits of independent, self-driven teams and how to provide regular, incremental progress and value using Agile.

“The Digital 101 course was a great introduction to tech in general, and specifically software development. It helped demystify some of the buzzwords you often hear and is pitched in a way that delegates at different levels of prior knowledge can learn something from the sessions.”

Learn in an interactive, engaging environment

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Our on-campus and virtual classrooms are engaging,  interactive learning environments with plenty of opportunity lean, collaborate and ask questions.

You’ll learn through a hands-on approach, share your experience and be motivated by your classmates and instructor. Go beyond online tutorials and understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, all taught by experienced instructors.


Who is this series for?

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This course is for teams who want to improve motivation and communication with colleagues and partners in the digital world, and boost team-wide contribution to the digital growth of their company.

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