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Is a career in tech right for you? Discover your pathway

Many people like the sound of a new career in the digital and tech industries. After all, there’s a lot of buzz around these careers at the moment, and a lot of demand for talent. But without actually being able to try out the job, it’s often difficult to know whether it’s the right choice, let alone which career path within tech to pursue.

At CodeClan, your starting point is our Access to Tech course, where you’ll be exposed to classes about data and software development. After that, you’ll be better informed to choose the pathway that best suits your aspirations. 

Scotland needs more people with software and data skills

Is this you? 
If you are over 25 years old, live in Scotland and haven’t graduated in the last twelve months, the Digital Skills Pipeline funding could offer you a grant to help pay for your training. Part of the Scottish Government’s National Transition Training Fund and managed by Skills Development Scotland (SDS), the Digital Skills Pipeline funding  supports those furthest from the job market to achieve their digital ambitions through specialist training.

Step 1: Explore

Access to Tech course

One week / part time

Explore the tools, technology and career opportunities in the world of software development and data analysis. During this weeklong course, we’ll cover aspects of both data analysis and software development. At the end of the week, you’ll be better equipped to choose the pathway that fits your career aspirations. 

Step 2. Choose your pathway


Data Analysis Essentials course

From data to dashboard, supercharge your CV with skills like R Programming, visualisation, data cleaning and data manipulation.

One-week / full-time / funded

Limited availability – waiting list


Web Dev Essentials course

From Python programming to deployment, learn the essentials of web development and build a full-stack web application in eight weeks. 

Eight weeks / part-time / funded

Limited availability – waiting list

Step 3. Progression

Want to take your career to the next level?

Our Data Analysis and Web Dev Essentials courses will give you a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to build your future career on, with progression opportunities in our courses.

How to apply

To apply for Digital Skills Pipeline funding, all you need to do is book or apply for the course you’re interested in by submitting the form at the bottom of any of the following pages: 

“Our instructors made the lessons enjoyable and were great at explaining things in ways that helped me understand.”

David, CodeClan graduate

David, a CodeClan Software Development Graduate

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