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GoCodeGreen Sustainability Engineering.

Understand digital sustainability and the techniques needed to measure and improve carbon efficiency of your digital products and services.

Get certified in digital sustainability

Learn the Knowledge to Create a Low Carbon Future.

As the world becomes more aware of the impact of climate change, it is crucial that we take responsibility for the impact technology has on the environment.

Start your journey toward building climate friendly and energy aware digital products and services with our Sustainable Engineering course, created in partnership with decarbonising software pioneer, GoCodeGreen.

Be part of the climate crisis solution

GoCodeGreen training helps you to tackle the climate crisis by teaching you how to measure, reduce, and offset carbon emissions related to software production.

Understand digital sustainability

We equip you with the knowledge needed to understand digital sustainability, helping to identify areas of improvement and reduce your environmental footprint.

Learn to make software more energy efficient

Our courses will teach you the techniques needed to improve carbon efficiency of software, helping the next generation of coders build a low-carbon future.

Tackle Climate Crisis the Digital Way

The ICT sector produces approximately 4.5% of global emissions and the sector's emissions have been rising exponentially, which is why it is essential to learn to build sustainability into the creation of new software.

GoCodeGreen's Sustainability Engineering courses help you to understand the impact of technology on the environment and how you can reduce the carbon footprint of your digital products.

Go green with your digital skills

Let's build a better future

GoCodeGreen’s digital training provides you with the knowledge and tools needed to develop climate friendly digital products and services.

You’ll learn how to design and develop your digital products to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, in line with the global objectives to tackle the climate crisis.

We offer two courses to learn from:

#1 Digital Sustainability Foundations »

This course will help you understand why decarbonising digital products and services can play an important, if not vital, part in our fight against the climate crisis.

#2 Sustainable Software Engineering Techniques »

Learn from the experience of award winning technologists, and understand the 12 techniques that can materially help improve the energy and carbon efficiency of the software you are designing and building.

Helping to create a better future

Discover GoCodeGreen

GoCodeGreen is a world leading ClimateTech business that focuses on measuring the carbon emissions related to software production and usage.

They have codified the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol ICT Sector Guidance and support their global clients in decarbonising their digital products and services. To do this they have gathered some of the best brains across software engineering and data science to design and build their software platform.

GoCodeGreen are now sharing this knowledge with software developers to help them play their part in tackling the climate crisis.

Design and code with sustainability in mind

Ready to Start Building a More Sustainable Future?

Select the right level of learning to develop your understanding of digital sustainability and the techniques needed to improve the carbon efficiency of your software products.

We recommend the Digital Sustainability Foundation course for all, including non-engineers. The Software Engineering Techniques course helps you gain an even better perspective of the different approaches, methods and practical techniques that can help you design and code with sustainability in mind.

“Through the carbon analysis of its software, a company can make informed choices about what to do to reduce, avoid or remove carbon cost. ” – Eric Zie, CEO and founder of GoCodeGreen (GCG)

Digital Sustainability Foundations Course

The course has been based on the experiences gained through the design, build and subsequent release of our carbon emission calculation platform focused on digital products and services. 

The aim of this course is to provide a practitioners perspective of climate impact, carbon measurement and the various standards related to technology based carbon costs, and provide you with a foundation of knowledge from which you can then further develop.

Sustainable Software Engineering Techniques

The Sustainable Software Engineering Techniques Course brings together the learnings and experiences drawn from building the world’s first carbon emission calculation platform for software.

Understand the 12 techniques that can help improve the energy and carbon efficiency of software. This course provides a fantastic base from which to explore further, more immersive and hands on training more specifically oriented toward the technology that you use.

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