Intro to Coding (1-day)


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This one-day introductory course is aimed at legal professionals who want to gain a better insight into the key concepts of programming and and understanding of today's use of new technologies.

Location: Edinburgh

Key Learning

You will explore the tools, techniques and terminology used by software and digital development teams, coding a simple program and learning how contemporary web and software applications are developed and evolving, including:

  • an introduction to the latest developments in automation and machine learning;
  • an introduction to programming languages and data representation;
  • learning basic coding skills to create a simple command line program accessing data;
  • key programming concepts, principles, vocabulary and the programming 'mindset'.

Course Outline

Part 1: Automated World

  • Computing in the workplace
  • Unix basics
  • Using the command line

Part 2: Basics of Programming

  • What is programming?
  • Basic programming skills using the Ruby language
  • Data types

Part 3: Basics of Data

  • Intro to data structures
  • Representing and accessing data
  • Q&A: Tech innovations

Our instructors are all software and web industry professionals. The course is delivered in a highly interactive, hands-on style. 
Download Syllabus

Who is it for?

Anyone who works with tech teams and wants to learn the essentials of coding and software development. It is aimed at those working as lawyers, legal advisors and consultants who want to gain a deeper knowledge of the contemporary tech landscape.

This course is run through the Law Society of Scotland for its members and can be followed by our Coding with Data (1-day) and Coding a Web Application (1-day) courses.

Course cost

£295 (£354 including VAT)

All equipment, software and materials are supplied

Tea/coffee and lunch provided.

NB. This course can also be delivered as a private course for teams from any one organisation. Please call us on (0131) 290 2600 for further information.

Dates & Times

Format: One-day immersive

Dates: Friday, 7th April  2017

Times:  10am - 4pm

Application Deadline: 1 week before course start date - Apply through the Law Society of Scotland website.


Basic computer + internet skills.

The ability to type at least 25 words per minute. You can test your typing speed here.


"Enjoyable, informative introduction to coding for professionals who work with the tech sector but have no technical background"

"I think the course was fantastic; and the quality of the instruction was absolutely first-rate. It was an excellent introduction to coding, and thoroughly enjoyable... we could all see how the concepts and skills we were learning are relevant, not just to our clients, but to us as lawyers."

"Very much exceeded my expectations. I hadn't expected to produce any useful code at all in such a short space of time and also to be kept engaged throughout."

"Fast-paced, engaging introduction to coding, programming and web pages - brilliant!"

Added Value

We are also offering Law Society Scotland members a unique opportunity to complete our Coding for Professionals series of courses to extend the learning of the Intro to Coding course. 

Coding with Data (1-day) delves deeper into how contemporary tools and techniques used by software development teams to analyse and aggregate data. You will learn how to extend your programming skills to apply logic to data and then learn how to integrate that data into the simple software program you created in the Intro to Coding course. Throughout the course you will gain a deeper understanding of applying best practice in the software development process.

Coding a Web Application (1-day) focuses on developing a front-end interface and integrating an API to the software program you created in Coding with Data course. You will learn how to use basic HTML and CSS to build web pages; understand how to utilise JavaScript to create a dynamic user interface for your software program, and explore relevant tools and innovative technologies used by contemporary app development teams,

LSS members can use these CodeClan courses towards their verifiable CPD (though you may be asked for clarification if assessed at year end). 


Instructors for this course are drawn from our team of experienced software and web application developers.

Book Your Place

This Intro to Coding (1-day) course is being offered by the Law Society of Scotland. In order to book a place, apply through their website at

If you have any difficulties booking, or wish to speak to us about the course, please give us a call on 0131 290 2600 or email: