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Pick up the skills that form the foundation of web development, including HTML5 and CSS3, Flexbox, Bootstrap, Git, VSCode and more.

Course overview

HTML and CSS skills form the basis of web development. They are necessary skills in any role where you may be creating, updating and editing for the web. Whether you work in a marketing, design or UX role, or if you’re looking to take the first steps in a career change, it’s time to add these skills to your CV.

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  • Introduction
  • Text editing with VS Code
  • HTML content tags
  • Lab – design your own site (blog, portfolio, other)
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  • HTML layout tags
  • Intro to CSS
  • Lab – start to code own site
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  • FlexBox
  • Grid
  • Lab – layout of your site
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  • Media queries
  • Deploying to Git Pages
  • Lab – deploy own site
“The ideal first steps in starting my web development journey. The major take away from the course is that I now have the confidence and tools to go out and learn more, rather than just frantically Googling and hoping things make sense.”
– Callum Asplen

Learn in an interactive, engaging online environment

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Our live, virtual learning environment is fully interactive with plenty of time to ask questions.

Learn in a hands-on environment, share your experience and be motivated by your classmates and instructor. Go beyond online tutorials and understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together as well as best practices, all taught by experienced instructors.


Who is this course for?

A cartoon man and a cartoon woman both looking at a representation of code with lines.

This course is ideal for anyone beginning their journey into web development and learning how websites work. Maybe you already work with websites or email marketing but want to better understand and engage with the technical aspect of your job. Designers, marketers, content creators and UX professionals will particularly benefit from learning these skills.

“I wanted to upskill and learn the basics of HTML and CSS so I could further my understanding of website development. I am hoping it will open up further possibilities in my design career. Zsolt was really knowledgeable and friendly! He explained everything clearly and was able to answer any questions in a clear way. If he didn’t know the answer, he went out of his way to find out, which was great!”
– Suzanne Gilbert

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Course takes place online in our virtual learning environment.

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