Managing Data for Business Insights


The demand for data skills has grown exponentially in the last five years. From start-ups to government, organisations across Scotland are investing in data and building teams to inform and drive their growth.

Why Data?

Data innovation adds £20bn to the Scottish economy, and 55% of businesses in Scotland require data analytics skills.* Whether you’re working in a commercial organisation or in your early career, data is the essential skillset of the future.

*Sources: ScotlandIS, Scottish Enterprise

Why Now?

Covid-19 is the most disruptive force in a generation, affecting society, businesses, healthcare, careers and more. As we already generate data from almost everything we do, it’s more critical than ever that we build businesses and individual skillsets to help us to manage it and understand it. 

Why CodeClan?

CodeClan exists to close the digital and data skills gap in Scotland. We have developed industry-relevant courses, delivered by passionate and knowledgable instructors. All of our courses are currently available through our virtual, interactive classroom.

Managing Data course options

For business

Leverage your business’s data to improve productivity and increase profitability. Learn to get actionable insight into your organisation with our intensive course for business professionals.

For students and researchers

Grow your data analysis skillset and become data literate to increase your employment and career progression opportunities with our intensive data course.