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16-week course

Professional Software Development

Accelerate your career in software development. Get game-changing skills through hands-on, interactive learning, projects, career preparation and more.

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Get the skills to launch a career in software development

Combine in-demand technical know-how with life-changing soft skills to transform your career. Our course curriculum benefits from industry focus, expert development and the road tested experience of six years and 1000s of successful graduates.

Build relevant skills

Our curriculum is designed by industry experts and is delivered in a hands-on immersive style. We’re continually evolving our course to match the skill needs of employers.

Develop your technical portfolio

Impress employers with a portfolio of software projects. Put your technical skills into practice using the languages and methodologies learned throughout the course.

Gain an accredited qualification

Enhance your CV by earning a Professional Development Award in Software Development. We’re the only UK bootcamp to offer this internationally recognised stamp of approval.


Boost your career opportunities

Boost your employment opportunities through industry insights, CV workshops, careers week and more.

Your journey to becoming a software developer

2 weeks before

Pre-course work

Grasp the basic terminology of software development and learn key concepts of programming using Python.

Get confident using your computer like a pro with terminal commands get an introduction to HTML and CSS.

2 weeks before
Weeks 1-5

Module 01: Python

Using Python, SQL and Flask, you’ll learn how to write programs using object-orientated (OO) programming and understand how component parts of a program fit together.

By the end of the module, you’ll be able to use test-driven development (TDD) to build a web application.

💡 Python: ‘Most wanted’ programming language among developers (Stack Overflow)

Weeks 1-5

Solo project

Show us what you can do with your new skills Build a web app using Python.

Weeks 6-9

Module 02: JavaScript

Learn how to write full-stack JavaScript apps with React, applying OO principles and TDD.

Understand event-driven programming, higher-order functions and client/server architecture and learn how to to traverse and manipulate the DOM.

💡 JavaScript: Most popular programming language (Stack Overflow)

Weeks 6-9

Group project

Time for teamwork! Create an MVP for an app that uses external data and APIs 

Week 10

Careers week

Through a series of classes and workshops, get the knowledge and confidence to pitch your new skills to employers, whether on your CV, LinkedIn, portfolio, job applications or in interviews.

Week 10
Weeks 11-14

Module 03: Java

Build applications with Java and Spring and learn how to design and construct OO programs using a statically typed language.

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to design and create applications using OO fundamentals following SOLID principles.

💡 Java: #1 language used by developers for the cloud (Oracle).

Weeks 11-14
Weeks 15-16

Capstone project

Delve deeper into a topic of your choice and to start building an application that can be expanded upon to enhance your skillset.

Weeks 15-16
Week 16


Time to celebrate with your cohort.

Week 16

Career support for six months

Get the best chance to succeed in launching your new career with six months’ careers support including employer talks, project showcase invitation, a profile on our graduate’s page, job alerts, online support and more.

This course is great for:

Aspiring programers

If you’ve already dabbled in coding (and loved it) we want to hear from you! If not we strongly recommend giving some free online tutorials a go before you apply.

Career changers

Looking for a new challenge? Our students typically come with previous experience in sectors such as finance, education, engineering, retail and many more. 

Problem solvers & tech enthusiasts

You don’t need to be a mathematician or have much previous technical experience. All you need is a willingness to learn, a passion for tech and an aptitude for solving problems.

What you'll need

1. Attitude. You’ll need to be keen on learning, have patience when you can’t understand things and tenacity to keep on learning.

2. Explore. Before you apply, we want you to explore coding for yourself and make sure you’ve tried it and enjoy it before committing to the course.

3. Kit. You’ll need a MacBook that has at least 8GB RAM and can comfortably run the latest operating system. If your laptop is older than 2016 please check with Admissions to see if it is suitable to use. If you do not have access to a suitable laptop, we can rent you one for £300.

Meet your instructors

CodeClan’s team of more than 30 instructors has a wealth of experience in both teaching and industry and will be on-hand throughout your day to guide your through new technologies and concepts, answer your questions and keep your learning on track. 


Professional instructors


Student to instructor ratio


Course completion rate

Jen, an instructor at CodeClan Glasgow


Senior Instructor, Glasgow

“My favourite part of the job is helping people achieve their career goals.”

Ally, Head of Professional Software Development at CodeClan and a member of the Glasgow team


Head of PSD Delivery, Glasgow

“As long as you have a passion for tech and can demonstrate that, it will lead to a very rewarding career.”



Senior Instructor, Edinburgh

“The best feeling is still seeing the penny drop for a student when they grasp a concept.”

Career Support

Our Careers team will train you in the skills you need to find your first role. Our aim is to help you to find a job that is a great fit for you. Through CV workshops, mock interviews, and Industry Talks, you’ll discover what employers want and how to successfully apply.

84% job placement rate

You’re in good company!

Training at CodeClan has been a life-changing decision for thousands of our students. Part of that journey is finding the right job after you leave. 

Read our outcomes report >

Our graduates

Emma, a CodeClan software development graduate

Emma, Product Developer

“I gained so much more knowledge than I thought I would.”

David, a CodeClan Software Development Graduate

David, SPM Developer 

“Sometimes I lack confidence in my abilities, however I now see that I’m able to achieve new things.”

Amy, a CodeClan Software Development graduate

Amy, Project Coordinator

“My classmates and instructors were incredibly supportive, making the course enjoyable.”

Funding & payment

The cost of the course is £6,950

Funding options

There are a number of finance options you can consider for your CodeClan course. This can be explored on our funding page.

Modular payment

Split your payment into four manageable chunks, first with a deposit of £750, and then three subsequent payments.


Standard payment

A deposit of £750 is payable to secure your place once you are accepted, with the remaining fees due before the course begins.

How do we compare?



Campus in Scotland:

Instructor support:

Career support:


6 months

Other bootcamps*

£8,000 – £12,000


Free online course


* based on our top 3 competitors.


Worth it? Absolutely!

Where you could start…


This course’s average graduate salary*

Where experience could take you…


Average UK Software Developer salary*

* Read more on our outcomes report.

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Upcoming dates:

Note: Meet your cohort two weeks prior to course start date

Location Cohort/Course Dates Meet Your Cohort
Glasgow Campus G37: 15 May - 1 Sep 1 May
G38: 24 Jul - 10 Nov 10 July
Edinburgh Campus E64: 3 Apr - 21 Jul 20 March
E65: 3 Jul - 20 Oct 19 June
Remote Training SR13: 29 May - 15 Sep 15 May


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