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3 weeks before


Our pre-course work introduces you to the basic terminology, methodologies, concepts and development environments you’ll be using throughout the course. 

Learn: HTML, CSS, Terminal, Command Line, Python, Git and Github.

Weeks 1-5


During this first module, you’ll get an introduction to programming, including a solid foundation in object oriented programming principles and concepts, building and strengthening your software development skills using standard developer tools. 

Learn: Python, SQL, Web Programming, touching on UX Design and ‘Managing you career transition’. 

Weeks 6-9


This module introduces web programming with JavaScript, one of the key technologies used to develop websites. You’ll work in a group to complete the project using industry standard agile methodologies.

Learn: Full-Stack web development, JavaScript, Agile, Industry Insights, Personal Branding and Presenting tech.

Week 10: Careers week

Weeks 11-16


Moving on to a brand new language, Java, you’ll experience the key differences between statically and dynamically typed languages and how to use the Spring framework to build dynamic web apps. Then you’ll learn how to use ReactJS to create a user interface for your Java backend.

Learn: Java, Spring, React, CV workshops, Interviewing tips, Networking and Personal coaching.

Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

Get off to a good start by learning how to become an effective programmer. Our course focuses on industry best practices to ensure that your programs are well-designed and maintainable.

Web app development

You’ll start to build dynamic, responsive applications using web frameworks such React to deploy features and functionality across multiple platforms.

Test-driven development

Implementing a test-driven development (TDD) approach from across multiple programming environments, you’ll learn to embed and refine your code to ensure your programs run effectively and efficiently 

The back-end

Like the brain, the back-end is what processes data inputs into meaningful actions. You’ll learn languages that allow you to interact with databases and build clever applications that respond to messages from the front-end.

The front-end

Create the eyes, ears and mouth of your product. Using a combination of mark-up languages, UX methodologies, JavaScript and frameworks, the front-end creates the environment for everything that users see and touch. 


Understanding how SQL, and other more recently crafted database approaches work, you will learn to make and manage solutions that validate and store information safely and securely for future use.

Labs, code-alongs & projects

We believe in learning by doing. Our curriculum is delivered in a hands-on immersive style involving labs, code-alongs, project work, discussions and paired-programming.  

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