4-day course

Break into the world's fastest growing programming language

(4-day course)

Python for Developers

This course is designed to help practicing developers get to grips with Python. Over four days, you’ll get an introduction Python 3.0, including syntax. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to build a simple MVC web app.

Course overview

We’ll cover Python fundamentals, file handling, web programming and frameworks. By the end of this practical course, students should be able to build a simple web MVC app and understand Python 3.0 syntax.

Whether you want to use it for data or development, Python is commonly used in many sectors such as Fintech, business, finance, R&D, IoT and commerce.

Daily breakdown

Day 1: Fundamentals of Python: Variables, Types, Data structures, Control flow, Testing, Classes

Day 2: Iterators and Generators, File Handling: Reading/Writing CSV files, Modules and Packages

Day 3: Decorators, Using an ORM (SQLAlchemy)

Day 4: Django: Using Django framework to create MVC App

Who this course is for?

Are you fairly new to development or aspiring to take on a new language? Move your coding skills to the next level and get hands on experience of using this sought after, object oriented, high level language. 

This course is tailored for programmers who already have experience with another language, ideally a scripting language and experience with Object Oriented Programming.

Why choose CodeClan?

This course is delivered by developers for developers. In a collaborative classroom environment you’ll learn in a hands-on, practical way through CodeClan’s proven teaching style. You’ll receive a certificate of completion and get a copy of all the class notes. 

Tea, coffee and lunch is included.

Next course dates:

Edinburgh campus:

20th - 23rd April 2020
25th - 28th May 2020

Glasgow campus:

9th - 12th March 2020
18th - 21st May 2020

Course cost

£ 1900

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