R Programming

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Turbo charge your data analysis with R

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R Programming

Get yourself and your team familiar with the power of R Programming with CodeClan’s five-course series. Either dive into all five days for the full learning experience or choose the specialist skills you need.

Why R Programming?

From Data Carpentry to Machine Learning, we’re giving you a unique opportunity to up your game when it comes to data. Gain familiarity with the best-in-class language and tools used by researchers, scientists and business professionals.

Who is this series for?

No prior programming knowledge is assumed for attendees. This series is suitable for many fields of work including biologists, statisticians, accountants, engineers and research students – anyone who uses a spreadsheet!


Choose to take the full series across all five days or select from a variety of one-day sessions. We recommend beginning with ‘Intro to R’ if you have no prior knowledge of R.

Intro to R

This is a one-day intensive course on R and assumes no prior knowledge. By the end of the course, participants will be able to import, summarise and plot their data. At each step, we avoid using “magic code”, and stress the importance of understanding what R is doing.

We recommend attending this initial session if you have no prior knowledge of R.

Start your journey to R in the hands of an expert

Edinburgh: 29th March; 4th October; 18th October; Glasgow: 26th April
£ 200
  • Learn to direct yourself around the R interface in an efficient way
  • Import and export your own data from spreadsheets and a number of other data storages to R
  • Summarise the data with R's built in summary statistic functions
  • Plot data in interesting ways
  • Manipulate data in ways such that they can efficiently analyse data

Data Carpentry

Bring yourself to the forefront of data science with the tidyverse

Glasgow: 30th April; Edinburgh: 25th October
£ 400
  • Tibbles – the modern take on the data frame
  • Dplyr – the workhorse of the tidyverse
  • Tidy data - what is it and how to use the tidyr package
  • Data input & output – how to read data ranging from CSV to SPSS files in and out of R
  • Lubridate – a more intuitive way of dealing with dates and times
  • Stringr & regular expressions – endless possibilities for dealing with text


Learn how to efficiently code in R

Glasgow: 2nd May; Edinburgh: 11th October
£ 400
  • Functions - what it is, how it's used, and how to construct our own
  • Looping in R - introduction to the concept, in particular for and while loops
  • Apply functions - applytapply and other members of the apply family
  • Help - at first glance it can seem daunting, but after the initial shock, R’s documentation is second to none.
  • Project structure - practical tips on how to structure a project


Learn the most advanced plotting library of this generation

Edinburgh: 1st November; Glasgow: 1st May
£ 400
  • Introduction to the different graphics packages
  • Introduction to the fantastic ggplot2 package
  • Groups, geoms, stats and layers within ggplot2
  • Scales, axes and legend
  • Facets, colour themes and general themes

Statistical Modelling

Out of the box, R makes standard statistical techniques easy

Edinburgh: 8th November; Glasgow: 3rd May
£ 400
  • Gain a thorough understanding of popular statistical techniques
  • Get the skills to make appropriate assumptions about the structure of the data and check the validity of these assumptions in R
  • Fit regression models in R between a response variable
  • Apply techniques to data using R’s common interface to statistical functions
  • Learn how to cluster data using standard clustering techniques

*Receive a 10% discount off of all individual courses after “Intro to R” when you book 2 or more courses.

CodeClan with Jumping Rivers

We are hugely proud to be working with Jumping Rivers to provide this R Programming short course. Jumping Rivers are a leading provider of R training courses to organisations throughout the UK and Europe.

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