3-day course

Software Dev Lifecycle (SDLC) Fundamentals​

Learn about the software application lifecycle to gain a greater understanding of the workings of software systems and offer more valuable input into designing successful products. 

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Course overview

As Covid-19 is the most disruptive force in a generation, it’s more critical than ever to utilise your technology by minimising cost and maximising output.

Through learning the software application lifecycle, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the workings of your current systems and can offer input into designing better applications for your business. We walk you through the stages of a software project and explain the jargon to grow your knowledge of web development and applications for growth.

It’s more important than ever to prioritise your organisation’s technology.

Poor communication costs UK businesses on average £8,000 per employee*, and slow moving projects cost organisations time and money. Whether you’re a project manager moving from Waterfall to Agile, or you work in HR hiring teams delivering large or small scale projects, understanding your software development team and its processes will minimise cost and maximise output. Learning how to engage with software developers will also lead to better executed and more effective projects, as well as reduced stress. 
*insight agency Opinium

Day 01

  • Development fundamentals
  • Web development
  • Intro to programming UX and wireframing


Day 02

  • Working with coders
  • Developer tools
  • A simple React app
  • A simple API
  • Running a web app locally

Day 03

  • Version control
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Wrap up


  • Understand the workings of software applications
  • Understand wire framing, APIs and applications 
  • Understand the development lifecycle 
  • Know how to engage with developers to be an effective part of processes
  • Know how to support planning processes and update stakeholders
  • Understand how to write a good brief for application
Overview   Students   Instructors   Start dates   Cost   Book
Ewa, a support engineer, sits with a laptop

Who is the course for?

This course is ideal for you if you want to understand software apps and grow your business or department.  You could be a small business owner, social enterprise, a project manager, HR manager, salesperson, senior manager, account manager, business analyst, scrum master – someone who interacts with or wants to understand the software development lifecycle and how best to work with a growth mind set with agile concepts.

Overview   Students   Instructors   Start dates   Cost   Book


CodeClan instructors have lots of cross-industry experience, and are on-hand throughout the day to answer your questions. 

Three CodeClan instructors

Meet Jarrod

“I’m Jarrod, I’m an instructor and instructional designer at CodeClan. We designed this course to help in non-technical roles to communicate better with technical teams, so that they can more easily achieve their goals together. We will bust jargon, demystify key software development concepts and allow you to get hands-on and see what exactly it is that software developers do all day!”

Tune into a webinar.

Meet the team and learn about this course from the comfort of your own home. See dates.

Overview   Students   Instructors   Start dates   Cost   Book

Upcoming dates

Location Start Date
UK Wide/Virtual Learning Environment* 28/09/2020

*Available through CodeClan’s virtual interactive classroom

Overview   Students   Instructors   Start dates   Cost   Book

Course cost

£ 1,000
Overview   Students   Instructors   Start dates   Cost   Book

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