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Digital skills like programming are critically important for building the products, services and careers we need to drive our economy. Whether you aspire to become a software developer or simply want to work more effectively as a digital professional, our software courses are great starting points



Professional Software Development

Looking to change career into software development? Learn to code through our immersive Professional Software Development course. Get game-changing skills through hands-on, interactive learning.

Ideal for career changers who aspire to become professional software developers. You might be a beginner with an interest in tech or a coding hobbyist. Maybe you want to get back into programming with up-to-date skills, or you’re just looking for your next career challenge.


Web Dev Essentials

Learn the essentials of web development and build and deploy a full-stack web application in ten weeks. A part-time course that fits around your day job.

This course is great if you’re curious about how applications are made, and you want to learn to create them yourself, you want to change career in the future and take your first steps into web and software development, or if work closely with developers, and want to understand their processes and build team empathy.



Cyber Secure Coder

Security and privacy have never been more important. This course will help developers to better address cyber security throughout the software development lifecycle, not just on the eve of delivery.

This course is ideal for software developers, testers, and architects in various programming languages and platforms, including desktop, web, cloud, and mobile. Anyone who wants to improve their ability to deliver high-quality software, particularly regarding security and privacy.



Coding for Beginners

Get an introduction to programming and learn to code with Python, a popular and versatile programming language that’s great for beginners.

For beginners who want to understand core programming concepts and learn to automate simple tasks. Whether you aspire to use technology to become more efficient in your current role, or wish to accelerate their learning in a live classroom environment, this course is ideal for those at the beginning of their coding journey. 



Pick up the skills that form the foundation of web development, including HTML5 and CSS3, Flexbox, Bootstrap, Git, VSCode and more.

For those who wish to begin their journey into web development or understand how websites work. Ideal for those who work in marketing, design, UX and many other professions.

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