3-day course

Get under the hood of the development process

(3-day course)

Understanding Software Development

Do you want to better understand software development teams and their practices? This course will give you the tools to communicate confidently with development teams, break down the jargon and teach you to talk tech.

Course overview

This hands on course will put you in the seat of a software developer and empower you to work more effectively and productively with your technical colleagues. 

From wireframing and tools to APIs and apps. You will begin by learning how the internet works and what web developers do. You will then be taken through the stages of a project, how developers work and the tools they use. You’ll learn when and why to engage specific stakeholders in different environments and tasks. Throughout all of this we will be jargon busting and explaining all the terms everyone seems to understand but you.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to write a brief that developers will understand and give you a better chance of accurate planning. Through easier and more productive communication, you’ll be in a position to build confidence and create stronger, more collaborative teams. 

Day .01

  • Development fundamentals
  • Web development
  • Intro to programming
  • UX and wireframing

Day .02

  • Working with coders
  • Developer tools
  • A simple React app
  • A simple API
  • Running a web app locally

Day .03

  • Version control
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Wrap up

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for you if you want to understand development teams and their practices. You could be a project manager, product owner, HR manager, salesperson, senior manager, account manager, business analyst, scrum master – someone who interacts with or wants to understand the development lifecycle and how best to work with a developer’s mindset.

The development environment can seem mysterious and intimidating to anyone not in or familiar with a development team. It can seem like developers talk in a different language, can be reluctant to give definite timescales and may want to change your brief.

Join us for three days to have a better understanding of the jargon and have more meaningful discussions with development teams. And most importantly be able to leverage teams to deliver the best outcome for your clients.

Why choose CodeClan?

This course is delivered by experienced instructors who have worked in development and understand the pitfalls and rewards of building a productive team. In a collaborative classroom environment, you’ll learn in a hands-on, practical way through CodeClan’s proven teaching style. You’ll receive a certificate of completion and get a copy of all the class notes. 

Tea, coffee and lunch is included.

Next course dates:


28th - 30th April 2020
24th - 26th February 2020

Course Cost

£ 1,000

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