R Programming Series:



Learn today's most advanced plotting library.

Leverage the power of ggplot2 to create advanced and informative graphics


Learn advanced graphics packages like ggplot2 to create advanced and informative graphics. This training course stresses understanding – not just one-off R scripts.

1-day course

Throughout the day we'll cover:

  • Introduction to the different graphics packages
  • Introduction to the fantastic ggplot2 package
  • Groups, geoms, stats and layers within ggplot2
  • Scales, axes and legends
  • Facets, colour themes and general themes

By the end of the day participants will be able to:

Have a thorough understanding of how different graphics packages in R work, in particular ggplot2

Efficiently plot your own data in eye-catching ways within seconds, including barplots, histograms, raster plots, scatter plots, density plots & more!

Customise their graphs with colour schemes, themes, fonts and grid layouts

Understand how these techniques will improve efficiency and results

Course cost


*Discounts available


Participants must have completed the Intro to R course or have an equivalent knowledge to the topics specified in that course.

Next course dates:

Edinburgh Campus

15th November 2019
9:00am - 5.00pm
(1 hour lunch break)

Why stop there? Extend your R Programming knowledge.

Receive a 10% discount when booking 2 or more courses from the R Course Series (excluding "Intro to R")


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