8 weeks, part time

Web Dev Essentials

Build and deploy a full-stack web application in eight weeks and fit it around your day job.

Build a full-stack web app in eight weeks

Over eight weeks of part-time learning, this course will take you through the tools, technology and techniques you need to build and deploy a functioning web application. By the end of the course you’ll have a new set of web development skills and your own live full-stack web application. 

Programming Fundamentals

You’ll understand the principles of programming, and be able to see how different elements are brought together to build an application. Using Python and Django you’ll build a dynamic and feature-rich web application.


You’ll learn how to create accessible and responsive web apps using HTML5 and CSS3. You’ll use these tools to style your own web app.

Version Control

Using Git and GitHub, you’ll learn how to safely store and update your codebase, being able to see and track the history of your changes.


Push your code live and make your application available to the world using the Heroku platform.

This course is great if you are...

Working with developers

This course is ideal for those who work closely with developers, and want to understand their processes and build team empathy.

An entrepreneur

Take your ideas from “maybe someday” to MVP. Learn how software is built and understand what’s required to get your idea off the ground.

A coding newbie

If you’re curious about how applications are made, and you want to learn to create them yourself, then this course is for you!

How you'll learn

We’ve created a schedule to fit around you and your full time job but also provides an immersive experience where you will learn a lot in a short amount of time. 

You’ll be learning through a combination of code-alongs, labs, paired programming and project work. 

We keep our classes small so there is lots of time group interaction and 121 help from instructors.

Key information & application form

Course format

Classes will run Tuesday to Thursday from 6pm until 9pm and occasional Saturdays from 10am until 3pm. This course will be delivered remotely.

Start date

1 February 2022. Please apply by 24 January to allow sufficient time for our admissions process.


The cost of the course is £3,000

10% intro discount i.e. £2,700

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