We're here to help close Scotland's digital skills gap

At CodeClan, we provide a steady flow of new programming talent through rigorous selection and four months of immersive and challenging training. We also train practising software developers in new languages and concepts, through intensive and part-time courses.

As an employer partner, you'll get access to skilled and highly motivated junior developers.

Benefits of partnering with CodeClan

1. Access to a constantly updated pool of developers available for work
2. Quality assured by compliance with SQA standards (we're certified!)
3. Opportunities to network with students and other Scottish businesses

Let's talk

Our partner programme is free to join. It's free to browse profiles, meet candidates and engage with our community. You only pay when you hire, at which point we ask for a contribution to the student's training costs. Contributions start at just £1500 + VAT per candidate. 

Talk to us about your requirements. Leigh-Ann will get back to you shortly. Together, we can change the future of the Scottish digital industry.

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