Get Involved

Get Involved

After joining our community through a simple and free process, all of our partners can expect regular, privileged access to great new digital talent. Benefits include a matching service between you and our graduates and regular opportunities to promote your business to our students.

What you can expect from us:
Privileged access to great new digital talent

  • A 'pen portrait' of each of our students when they enroll
  • Regular opportunities to talk about your organisation and available jobs to all our enrolled students
  • The chance to deliver masterclasses to each cohort of students
  • 'Speed networking' sessions with each cohort three weeks prior to course completion
  • Early access to professionally produced CVs for each cohort

What we ask of you: 
Commit to making our community vibrant and sustainable 

  • Help us to develop new and existing talent to the benefit of the entire Scottish economy
  • Actively engage with and support the learning of CodeClan students 
  • Provide input to the ongoing development of a sector-relevant curriculum that meets your needs
  • Agree to have your company logo displayed on the CodeClan website
  • Make a financial contribution to CodeClan for each student you hire

You only pay when you hire

Each of our students pays £5000 towards the cost of their 16 week course and we rely on your contribution to make up the balance when they gain employment.

Our suggested level of contribution is based on the number of employees in your organisation:

Over 250 employees £5,000*
51-250 employees £3,750*
15-50 employees £2,500*
Fewer than 15 employees £1,500*
 *Excluding VAT

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