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Is it time to find a new source of digital talent?

Hundreds of our graduates are making a difference to teams like yours. We’ve placed Junior Developers, Testers, UX Analysts and more into organisations of all sizes, from startups and digital agencies to government and banks.

Distinct and diverse

Our students come from a diverse range of backgrounds. They’ll bring varied experience, a growth mindset and fresh digital skills to your team.

We call it grit

When you hire a CodeClan graduate, you get an employee who has succeeded in a previous career. They take a risk and make a substantial commitment when they train with us. We call that grit.

Opportunities to meet our students.

Want to get to know candidates before you make an offer? We make it easy for you to meet students before they graduate. With a dedicated placement team and a series of networking events, you’ll be among the first to meet and interview each cohort of students.

Could one of our current students be right for your next hire? Our regular Speed Networking events are a fast-paced and exhilarating way to meet 20 candidates in the space of a few of hours. 

CodeClan students learn by building, and they want to show you what they’ve built. Project Showcase is your chance to meet the person behind the GitHub and see how they’ve handled a brief and a handful of days to turn it around.

Is a graduate the right culture fit for your business? Are they passionate about working on your team? We’ll coordinate site visits for groups of your shortlisted candidates and facilitate that extra step in the process to help you make the right decision.

As a partner you’ll also have the opportunity to promote your business to our student community through talks and presentations.

“We thought: how can someone learn to code in 16 weeks and be ready for commercial development? We were so wrong, and the proof is in the pudding. CodeClan students tend to have really interesting backgrounds and seem genuinely passionate about coding. We’ve now taken on five CodeClan graduates and they’re all doing great!”

- Robin Knox, iZettle

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