Community outreach at CodeClan.

Looking to give back to the industry? CodeClan is a not-for-profit social enterprise and we’re on a mission to inspire, educate and promote the growth of technology in Scotland. Our programme of community outreach initiatives is one of the ways we’re doing this. 

Invest in the future.

Got something to give and share? Contribute towards your choice of our community outreach initiatives.  


Help expand the range of disabilities we can support by raising funds for equipment, mental health and well-being.

Volunteer & Host

Volunteer your time or offer up your workspace for community groups like codebar and CoderDojo. 

Work experience

Got a project? Need a proof of concept? Want some creative minds to give it a try? Give our students real world experience and get a proto-type back. 


Volunteer a few hours to help a CodeClan Alumni. You’ll gain mentoring experience that will enhance your career and help you to re-connect with new members of the CodeClan family. 


Inspire others to follow in your footsteps. Pass on your survival tips to the next generation of coders by volunteering to be a speaker at our graduations and careers events.

Partner up

Let’s work together to make tech more diverse and welcoming by bringing people together and helping teach programming skills.

We support.

We’ve partnered with a wide range of talent, diversity and inclusion initiatives to help promote tech to young people, minorities and under-represented groups. These initiatives play a vital role in making Scotland a vibrant and diverse digital hub.


We host and sponsor a global network of free, volunteer-led, community-based programming clubs for young people. 


Helping mums to harness the power of technology. We teach skills in social media, online safety, coding, enabling mums to be as savvy as their children!


Smart Works has assisted more than 600 women be confident in the workplace by providing work outfits, styling advice and interview training. 


We support people with disabilities and long-term health conditions train, find, build and maintain great jobs.

Girl Guides

Our Girlguiding coding events empower and inspire girls to take up further education in digital. 


Enabling under-represented groups to learn programming in a safe and collaborative environment. 

Digital Diversity Group.

Looking to promote diversity in the workplace? CodeClan’s very own Digital Diversity Group creates a space and environment for digital professionals to learn and grow. Join us at our regular meet-ups, talks and networking events at both our Edinburgh and Glasgow campuses and mingle with the latest movers and shakers in Scotland’s digital industry. Open to newbies, learners, students, Alumni members and employer partners alike! 

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