FreeAgent help freelancers and small businesses to manage their finances. They build software that’s easy to use and understand so that small business can really on running their businesses and not worry so much about their taxes or how they get their numbers together.

Today, building software and new systems is not just about having very specific computer science backgrounds; FreeAgent need people with expertise in those areas, but there’s a lot more to building the right solution for their customers.




Ruby on Rails


Software Engineer, Support Engineer

Hiring from CodeClan

“I used to work at LivingSocial, and five years ago we did our own bootcamp in the offices, bringing people from other backgrounds to learn to code and to join the engineering team there.”

“We had a lot of success and brought aboard about 24 engineers into the team, so I had that experience of what you’d expect to get from people that go from nothing to joining a team with about 12 – 16 weeks of learning to code.”

“So far we have two engineers who’ve joined the team, Peter and Katrina, and we couldn’t be happier. They’ve brought a lot of new energy to the team and different skills we maybe didn’t have here, so I think it’s been a really valuable experience for us and a great way for us to continue to add new talent to the team.”

– Maria Gutierrez, VP Engineering

The Outcomes

“Having a mixed team with expertise in different areas – some of them will be experts in the technology, others will be experts in the domain or the process of how we get things done – and having those people working together ultimately provides a much better solution and the result the customers get is much better.”

“I’d really encourage considering that as an opportunity to bring a more diverse pool of talent to your team, because ultimately it will make your product better.”

Meet the graduates

FreeAgent have hired three CodeClan graduates to work in technical roles in their Edinburgh headquarters.

Meet two of them!



”When I was given the codebase it was much larger than anything we’d built at CodeClan, but I just took my time, asked questions and started out fixing bugs”



”When I started and the app’s codebase was put down in front of me it was a case of ‘Find the problem.’ I didn’t feel totally overwhelmed and I was able to go and look at it.”

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