3 years , 14 hires, 1 BOOMING industry.

Head of HR, Catriona Dick, reflects on Zonal's 3 year partnership with CodeClan, and how their 14 CC hires are at the fore-front of Zonal's very own tech boom.

As one of CodeClan’s top hiring industry partners, Zonal has experienced an impressive amount of recent growth in their business and with that has come a pressing need for diverse digital talent to join their team. After success with their first group of hires from CodeClan’s Professional Software Development course in 2015, they have gone on to secure a total of 14 graduates who are now at the fore-front of Zonal’s newest technologies.



The key to their success

The secret to Zonal’s hiring success has been through their active participation at CodeClan’s regular speed networking and industry partner talks – which in one event secured them 3 hires. 

By taking part in these events, Zonal gave their talent recruitment and technical teams a platform to meet hundreds of job-seeking graduates, short list their ideal candidates and onboard them into their company quickly after graduation. It also enabled them to position their brand as a top employer within our growing community of graduates and Alumni members. 

Since 2015, Zonal have gone on to employ a further 11 graduates, who are all thriving in a range of technical roles within their company and helping to build products for Zonal’s fast growing retail and hospitality client-base using the latest technologies and practices. 

"Both CodeClan and Zonal understand each other, because we've had that relationship for 3 years and the CodeClan instructors understand what we're looking for in terms of highlighting people in cohorts that perhaps have worked with our products, or who have a particular interest in one of our products. We go along and meet the people so we know the experience, skills and background we're looking for - it's just a matter of finding that match."

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