Discover a new source of digital talent.

Join us as an industry partner and find the talent you need to drive your business forward. From virtual networking to project showcases and match-making, we make it easy to meet your next hire – even under the current circumstances. Our graduates thrive in small startups and big businesses alike. Hundreds are out there making a difference as Junior Developers, UX Analysts, Product Managers and more.

What makes our graduates unique:

Industry relevant

Through our tried and tested process, they learn best practice, technical and soft skills sought by employers across the country.

Careers experience

They come with previous career experience in sectors such as finance, education, marketing, engineering, and retail. 

Distributed team experience

Due to the the current situation, our students have successfully pivoted to a distributed team model for learning and projects.

Portfolios of work

They’ll impress you with a portfolio of projects built throughout their course.


Our inclusive culture means that our graduates can offer employers diversity in their workforce.   

Hungry to learn

They have a willingness to learn, a passion for technology and the ability to think like a problem solver. 

“We thought: how can someone learn to code in 16 weeks and be ready for commercial development? We were so wrong, and the proof is in the pudding. CodeClan students tend to have really interesting backgrounds and seem genuinely passionate about coding. We’ve now taken on five CodeClan graduates and they’re all doing great!”

- Robin Knox, former MD (Edinburgh) iZettle and Founder, Boundary Technologies

Meet and engage with our students in a variety of ways

Get access to a number of events and sessions to meet with our students, and find the perfect fit for your organisation. Meet the person, not just the CV.

Virtual Network


We offer virtual networking time slots to speak to students one on one during their final week of training.



After such immersive learning each week for 12, 14 or 16 weeks and up to 800 hours of coding, it’s time to let our students show off a little. 

Our Project Showcase events give employers and students the perfect opportunity to talk tech. 

Ready to get started?