CodeClan's Emerging Talent Fund.

The CodeClan Emerging Talent Fund offers a unique opportunity to support young adults and under-represented groups by helping them learn the skills needed for a future career in tech.

Together we can make a difference

CodeClan’s Emerging Talent Fund is an initiative to support young people and under-represented groups who are looking to enter the tech industry. Through your support we can help them gain the skills and experience they need to pursue a successful future career.

It is through this fund that we hope to create a more inclusive and welcoming community that will benefit everyone.

Our Emerging Talent Fund is designed to support students who could not otherwise afford our immersive bootcamps, but who have shown great aptitude to learn and succeed on our courses.

“We have an ongoing commitment to getting diverse talent into the ecosystem faster, while helping companies to become more successful, and the research shows how important our industry partnerships are.

Against a backdrop of economic headwinds, and a cost-of-living crisis, existing and planned collaborations and our new Emerging Talent Fund can help to address a challenging environment.”

CodeClan CEO Loral Quinn stands in CodeClan's Edinburgh campus. She is dressed in dark clothes and has her hand resting on a high table.

About the Fund

Our goal is to give everyone a chance at having a successful career in tech

In today’s increasingly digital world, coding skills are essential for any career in tech. 

By sponsoring students in our Emerging Talent Fund, you can help young adults and under-represented groups break into the tech industry and create a brighter future for themselves.

Helping support diverse talent

The Emerging Talent Fund provides students with the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to become successful coders and developers. With our immersive courses and access to career support, students can follow their dreams of becoming software developers and data analysts.

Paying it forward for future generations

By paying it forward individuals, businesses and organisations can pay towards the cost of someone’s learning at CodeClan.

This helps people access our digital courses regardless of their financial constraints and it’s an opportunity for supporters to give back to their community.

CodeClan's Emerging Talent Fund was started out of recognition that there is a shortage of women, LGBTQ, and people belonging to under-represented ethnic groups in tech.

What We Offer

Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. At CodeClan we believe that everybody deserves a chance at a life of learning and a top career.

At CodeClan, we’re creating a diverse group of future leaders by building an outstanding alternative to university. 

We are committed to increasing diversity in the tech sector by providing a range of initiatives and resources to help promote and support diverse talent. We provide a safe, inclusive environment for all learners and actively promote job opportunities to ensure all learners have the opportunity to succeed.

“We have an ongoing commitment to getting diverse talent into the ecosystem faster.”

CodeClan Results and Outcomes

CodeClan is Scotland’s first and ONLY not-for-profit digital skills bootcamp. 

We have produced over 2000 graduates from 120 immersive cohorts in software development and data from our Edinburgh and Glasgow campuses, plus remote training since launching in 2015.

2023 Impact Report

Coming later in 2023 we will publish our Impact Report which outlines how we are using your funding to support the youth of today to succeed in the tech industry.


Graduate Placements


Immersive Courses Taught


Industry Partners

How you can help support diverse talent

We believe that everyone should have equal access to opportunities regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. With our Emerging Talent Fund, you can help sponsor students to go through our courses and learn the skills needed to aid them in their future career.

Sponsor our CodeClan Youth Academy

Sponsoring a student through our CodeClan Youth Academy is a perfect opportunity for businesses to ‘pay it forward’ and help young people learn the skills and knowledge for a career in tech.

The cost to sponsor a student through our Youth Academy is £3,000 per student.


Sponsor a Student on Our Immersive Courses

Sponsor a student to go through our immersive software development or professional data analysis courses, ensuring they have the best chance of succeeding in today’s tech industry.

The cost to sponsor a student through our immersive course is £10,000 per student.


Make a Single Payment to Cover Smaller Courses

Your donation will go towards supporting students learning coding and other tech skills.

It's time for our workforces to reflect our society

We believe there are three key areas organisations must focus on: widening access to opportunities, creating an inclusive learning environment and designing inclusive programmes. 

Partner with CodeClan by supporting our Emerging Talent Fund and together we can help build the diverse, equitable and inclusive workforces of the future today.

If you are interested in making a donation, please fill in your contact details and a member of our team will be in touch with further information.

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