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From virtual networking to project showcases and match-making, we make it easy to meet your next hire. Our graduates thrive in small start-ups and big businesses alike.

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We have trained Software Developers, Testers, Data Analysts, Designers and more.

Over 1500 Graduates
More than 1500 CodeClan graduates are out there already making a difference.

We connect talented developers with companies looking for talent

We offering training on how to code, test, analyse data, and more. Our courses are intensive, with a focus on practical skills that give our graduates real-world experience, ensuring you find the right person for your company.

Industry relevant skills

They learn best practice, technical and soft skills, plus tools like Git, Github, Insomnia, JSON, VSCode, Atom, IntelliJ, Webpack, RShiny, Tableau, Tidyverse, Slack, Trello and more.

Real world training

With an age range of 25 to 60, they have a range of experience in sectors such as finance, education, marketing, engineering and more, giving them the confidence to hit the ground running.

Portfolios of work

Our graduates will impress you with a portfolio of projects built throughout their course. All our graduates’ GitHubs are available for partners to browse and they are ready to work flexibly on a remote basis.

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We have a pipeline of graduates who are ready to start coding or testing right away.

Our graduates are trained by experienced professionals with real-world experience in development, testing, data analysis and more – we offer a unique learning experience that will give you the skills you need for your next hire.
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Bruno Marques

Relationship and Account Manager

We offer a community of expert coders and developers who are ready to work for you. Our graduates have been trained and tested to offer the skills you need, helping you find the talent who is right for your company.

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Speed networking events at CodeClan

Are you hiring new recruits into digital roles? Could one of our current students be right for your next hire? Speed networking sessions are a great way to meet multiple potential recruits in the space of a few hours.

Looking for a software developer?

If you’re looking for a developer, we have a range of graduates with experience in different programming languages and frameworks. We have graduates who are experts in Ruby, Python, Java, React, JS and more.

Looking for a data analyst?

We also have graduates who are experts in data analysis. They’ve used tools like Tablea, SQL and R to analyze data sets.

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"What makes CodeClan graduates very compelling for us is the range of transferable skills we benefit from, along with the passion and aptitude to learn new technologies and ways of working."


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What makes our grads unique?


Our graduates have real world experience with front-end and back-end web development as well as testing and development.

We believe in teaching students about current and future technologies so they can meet the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Hire coders, not just degrees

Coders are expected to be able to work independently and in a team environment. This means they need soft skills as well as hard skills. CodeClan graduates are trained in both.

Cultivate talent of tomorrow

We've been training since 2015. Our graduates have found employment in small startups and big businesses alike — and they're growing fast!

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Our graduates are talented coders who can help you meet your business needs today, and grow with you as your company expands.

Here at CodeClan we have over 3400 graduates who have found work in small startups and big businesses. We offer courses that teach you how to code, test, analyse data and more. The skills we teach are in high demand, so you can find the right person for your company with ease.

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