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Find the talent you need to drive your business forward. From virtual networking to project showcases and match-making, we make it easy to meet your next hire. Our graduates thrive in small startups and big businesses alike. More than 1000 CodeClan graduates are out there already, making a difference as Developers, Testers, Data Analysts, Product Managers and more.

What makes our grads unique?

Industry relevant skills and tools

They learn best practice, technical and soft skills sought by employers across the country, plus tools like Git, Github, Insomnia, JSON, VSCode, Atom, IntelliJ, Webpack, RShiny, Tableau, Tidyverse, Slack, Trello and more. 

Real world experience

With an age range of 25 to 60, they come with previous experience in a range of sectors such as finance, education, marketing, engineering, retail and many more, giving them the confidence and professionalism to hit the ground running.

Distributed team experience

Many of our graduates now have experience learning and working in a distributed team, and ready to work flexibly on a remote basis. 

Portfolios of work

They’ll impress you with a portfolio of projects built throughout their course. All our graduates’ GitHubs are available for partners to browse.

Diverse backgrounds

Our inclusive culture means that our graduates can offer employers diversity in their workforce.  

Hungry to learn

Our graduates have left successful careers to pursue their passion for tech and data. They have a hunger to learn and the initiative and motivation to drive their own development.

“What makes CodeClan graduates very compelling for us is the range of transferable skills we benefit from, along with the passion and aptitude to learn new technologies and ways of working.”

Dermot Murray, VP of Ideation at Inoapps

Meet and engage with our students in a variety of ways

Access graduate profiles

Get exclusive access to our online portal with profiles of our available graduates and browse career backgrounds, interests and GitHubs.

Virtual networking

We offer virtual networking time slots to speak to students one-to-one during their time at CodeClan and beyond. To arrange a meeting, email our Careers Service: 

Project showcase

After months of immersive learning, it’s time to let our students show off a little. Our Project Showcase events give employers and students the perfect opportunity to talk tech. If you would like to attend one of these events, contact us: 

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