Train your team

Upskill your team with digital skills training.

Boost productivity with our digital skills training program. CodeClan’s expert trainers will teach your team how to use the tools they need to excel in today’s digital workplace.

Train your workforce for today's digital world

The world is changing and we need to change with it. CodeClan offers a variety of digital skills training programs to help you empower your workforce and keep up with the pace of change. 

Whether it’s software, data or soft skills, we’ve got you covered. We offer an unparalleled range of courses with industry expertise, delivered in an engaging way that motivates and encourages learning.

Turn your team into digital powerhouses

Need to upskill your team? CodeClan offers expert-designed tech skills training to equip your team with practical knowledge and hands-on experience. Our trainers are highly experienced and professionals in their respective fields.

Workforce Empowerment

Increase efficiency and reduce costs by training your employees in digital skills. In turn, they will have the power to handle the demands of the modern workplace.

Industry Expertise

We're passionate about tech, which is why we have experts on staff who can train teams in all aspects of data science and software development.

Soft Skill Training

In addition to our wide range of digital skills training courses, we believe that the right soft skills are essential to a productive team team, whatever the discipline.

Hands-on Experience

We give hands-on experience and provide all materials needed for learning. CodeClan students learn by doing, through code-alongs, labs, projects and more.

Empower your workforce

Success starts with skills


In a world where digital technology is everything, it's important to lead with digital skills.

We offer a wide range of tech-focused courses to prepare learners for real-world scenarios. We provide a supportive learning environment that helps your staff develop their soft skills and work collaboratively as well as independently.

Our courses are designed to meet the needs of the business and its workforce. We work with clients of all sizes and in all sectors, from small start ups to global businesses.

Data analysis skills

Analyse data to make business decisions with our data analysis course.

Bespoke Training

We can create a course that supports your team’s needs.

Software & UX design skills

Learn how to build digital products with our software and ux courses

Remote and live training

We offer flexible training options according to your schedule.

Any questions?

We are here to help

If you have any questions about working with CodeClan, please get in touch with us via our live chat and we would be happy to help.

Bruno Marques

Relationship and Account Manager

Leverage our knowledge to teach your team the skills to support their career - from coding, to data science, to UX design.

With courses that encourage experiential learning and portfolio-based projects – your organization can derive better return on investments by embracing digital of the future.
The skills of tomorrow

Help your team become a digital-first workforce.


CodeClan trains your workforce for the digital era. We offer a variety of courses to help you acquire the skills needed to be successful in this new environment.

We will help you empower your workforce with the latest digital and data skills and support their career development.

CodeClan training opportunities will help to drive your business growth, improve productivity, increase cost efficiencies and create a positive employee experience.

Employer Benefits
Employee Benefits

"Working with CodeClan we can take our users and turn them into developers at a rapid pace. We have put two of our ex-business consultants through their training programme and have been delighted with the support and training they received at CodeClan and the impact they have quickly made when they returned to us. 

They are now fully integrated into our development team and performing at least at the same level as our computer science graduates with 4 years training."


Inoapps talk about why they hire CodeClan grads

How we deliver our training



We offer in-person training in Edinburgh, Glasgow and further afield, whether that’s in a closed class or part of one of our scheduled courses.



Our training is available on a remote model and our team is experienced in keeping students engaged and motivated in our virtual classroom.

Your Place

Not near one of our campuses? No problem. We can deliver any of our training on your site.

The skills and knowledge for business success.

Our range of immersive and short courses from beginner to intermediate level are beneficial to people at all levels in your organisation whether they want to change career path, or work more effectively with technical and data colleagues.
Upskill in tech

Acquire the Skills

Skills are about doing and the application of knowledge. Our immersive training is focused on giving your team the skills and confidence to improve and change, and will be beneficial for team members who are:
Train for success

Gain the Knowledge


Not everyone in your business knows how to code or crunch data because they don’t need to. However, for many professionals, knowing how these processes work can lead to more effective work, better ideas and creativity. These professionals might include:

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